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Today, for all people, it becomes obvious that there is a subtle and strong enough energy in all living things. Everything that is around us and our planet itself with its breath and the processes that take place inside is alive.In addition, even objects created by humans absorb the energy of their creators and environment over time, after which they acquire an energetic coloration. We, humans, also fill the body with energy. In addition, we are able to produce it - this is called life. A person will be alive as long as energy passes through his body. It moves along our invisible energy system - the most flawless device. This system, despite its perfection, is quite simple. As soon as a person learns this system, the number of doctors could possibly be reduced. Even the return of youth with the help of stem cells could potentially be a thing of the past. There is a lot of information related to the energy streams of a person, the structures and chakras, but there is no general characteristic of the energy system anywhere. Energy in a person can be called what is obtained as a result of the "cooperation" of two energy flows - the Earth and the Cosmos. This is the main thing, at that moment, as points, structures and chakras are auxiliary elements of one whole. Acupuncture, mental healing, Reiki and others are just a part, and often effective way of influencing the subtle energy system of people. To influence your energy system, you do not need to have any formal training. It will be enough to have positive and light thinking attitude. Remember the epic about the hero fighting the three-headed monster and as soon as he runs out of strength, he calls for help from Mother Earth. He lies down for a while on the ground and again becomes the strongest and irresistible. And a real explanation can be found from this, since the powerful energy flow of our planet is part of the human strength. For him, you need to protect your clean channels. When we have painful sensations, we at the level of instinct begin to put our hands on him. This is what can be called Reiki. Since the filling of the body with energy is carried out through two energy streams that come out of the hands of a person - earthly and cosmic.

There are three helpful tips for rebuilding and energizing the body. They really work, which is confirmed by experience.

♦ Try to fall asleep lying on your back with your head facing east or north. Sleeping while lying on your back can effectively clear the chakras and prevent various well-being problems. Sleeping on your side or on your stomach does not provide an opportunity to clear the internal channels. If you have any sleep disturbances, it is better to find another resting place. Quite often it happens that the sleeping place is chosen incorrectly and if you do not pay attention to it for a long time, then serious problems with well-being will appear from malaise and nervousness.

♦ If you feel tired or energetically weak at a very important moment for you - find a secluded place (the most suitable is that which is in direct contact with the ground, however, this is not necessary). Then lie on your back. Raise your head slightly with an elastic roller or other suitable object. Relax, tune your thoughts to positive. Say a simple phrase: "Mother Earth, help me, cleanse my body." Continue to lie down, relax and try to clear your thoughts, and only observe your body. After that, after a few minutes, say another auspicious phrase: "Father-Cosmos, give me your energy of goodness, love and creation." Relax again and observe your body. It will take 20 minutes to restore energy. An important guarantee of success is thoughts, love for the Creator and the Earth, as well as the ability to calm down. This is exactly what is said in the epic about the hero, who gained strength simply by resting on the ground or in stories about the replenishment of strength by yogis.

♦ Lay on hands. Place your palms slightly rounded inward with fingers connected to the lower abdomen. Lie in this position for about 20 minutes. It is also important to be relaxed and positive. Thanks to this, the energy will return to the body through the hands. This light exercise is essential for older people - it helps keep the body in energetic harmony.

All these simple actions will not harm a person. If there is a serious disturbance in your energy system, you are unlikely to be able to relax. Remember it is possible that when you apply your hands they may be hot or you will feel serious discomfort. It is important to listen to your body and the processes that take place in it. Therefore, be sure to "clean up" in your body in the same way you would clean the house.


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