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Love is a magnet at its core. She has the property of attracting even more love and joy to herself. When your heart is open, the Creator will be able to play on the strings of your soul, and great music will be born in your soul - Love. But if you are closed in yourself, and mistrustful, subject to doubt, then He will not be able to create this music. Because you are not giving. He will penetrate into the inner essence of your being and touch your heart and awaken unconditional love in you.

If you are filled with Love, then you will begin to radiate it to you, like butterflies, people will be drawn to the light. The more you give Love, the more Love you will attract to yourself. Love has tremendous healing properties - everyone has heard about it! However, unfortunately, few people use this knowledge. Love is better than any medicine!

You can't write a prescription for Love, you can't buy it in a pharmacy. But it is in every person. You just need to learn how to use your unlimited reserves. Today I will tell you how to open your heart and send Love. And you will see the results of this simple practice in life.

Where can I get Love? Love is a powerful force. With its help, we can work the most extraordinary miracles. Working with Love is a skill that needs to be taught from childhood. This is the best gift possible.

Where to get Love from? Many people mistakenly believe that only lovers experience Love. After all, they are the ones who shine with happiness! But few people know that the source of Love is not the object of desires, but the person himself. At the same time, love comes from within - everyone has an inexhaustible supply of it!

Falling in love in this case acts as a trigger that allows you to open the heart for the release of the Love that is inside. Unfortunately, not everyone knows a simple truth: in order to exude Love, you don't have to be in love. You can independently open this "shutter" in your heart and become a source of Love - for yourself and your loved ones. Let's start by opening the heart.

"Opening the heart" to Love, practice This practice was known in ancient China, it has come down to us through the millennia. This is the first practice of the Kan and Li complex. Taoists called work with energies internal alchemy.

These practices were the foundation of health, youth, and longevity. Today we can also use old recipes.

So, relax and have fun. A wonderful journey awaits you. Sit back (lie down or sit down; if not possible, you can do it while standing). Relax your body. Let go of thoughts and worries about what needs to be done today, and you also need to send love correctly with your breath - with an open heart!

Then everything inside us is bathed in love and outside through the body, as well as to an unlimited distance - this is unconditional love, radiating it, we attract it many times! It is necessary to take several inhalations and exhalations one, two, three times.

For example: inhale, one, two, three, and focus our attention on the center of the chest, then immediately exhale in the same way - for one, two, three and do it calmly and slowly. So several approaches, be sure to breathe with the chest and observe the change in the internal state in the chest. As soon as there was warmth, excitement, and even a tingling sensation in the chest. Everything - our heart has opened!

Imagine that candlelight is burning in the region of the heart, and in this light, you are sitting little in the lotus position - this is your higher self! This is your angel! Now start breathing again and imagine how a white, pure stream of energy spreads throughout our body, fills it, and we speak.

With love, my whole body is cleansed, my whole body! - I love you, my body, my body. Then love begins to let out of itself and we cover our whole body like a warm blanket! Then we send our love to everyone to our loved ones, friends, just people, everyone! Animals and plants, the whole planet!

We send our love to those who disliked and who disliked us. To the boss, colleagues, the things that we wish! everything! In this state, it is very good to do meditation! And try to maintain this state by breathing!

When our heart is open, then we shine with love and attract all the most beautiful to us! And pay attention that when we begin to breathe like this, then after a while the mood may change. Suddenly it became offensive, or anger appeared and so on, any negative state, you know that the soul is cleansed and all the bad qualities that are in us come out of it! They leave forever The main thing is to continue to fill with love (breathe) and send love at this time. Try it!

Example: you quarreled with someone, send him love, no words are needed, if you speak, then represent this person, in his heart, who also glows and sits in the lotus position. Here's to his higher self and talk about what you don't like. And everything will change! This person will come himself and you will make up!

Send love to the thing you have been dreaming about for a long time, fill it with the light of love to the limit and see that it will become yours! You will simply become an endless stream of love!

We send love to the baby I recommend to future mothers to do the “Favorite womb” practice. The love that you exude now can be directed into your womb to the developing baby there. After all, it is Love that is the basis of all life. It is necessary for the correct and harmonious development of the child, starting from the prenatal stage.

We send love to family and friends Our family members and friends also need Love. Today, most people, experiencing negative emotions, do not think that they are sending all the negative to the Universe. For our world, it is much more destructive than all environmental disasters combined! Every person and the whole World needs your Love!

Start giving it to your dearest people. In order to send Love to a person (husband, friends, parents, etc.), you need to open your heart and begin to radiate Love. When sending it to another, it is best not to wait for something in return, but simply to send the gift of unconditional Love.

Imagine a glow near your heart. Feel that this light is getting brighter and brighter - this is Love! Breathe slowly and deeply, filling your lungs with air. Increase the glow. Let it cover your entire body. Open your heart. Imagine a ray emanating from it. Feel the love rush.

Send Love to your loved one. You can send a ray to the heart chakra of this person, surround him with Love as a luminous Aura, or fill the room in which he is now with Love. Love is the most powerful medicine. She heals from any disease. Emitting Love, you heal yourself!

I offer you an amazing exercise technique that will help you open Love in your heart. Practicing this exercise every day, in just a couple of weeks, your life will change in an amazing way - miracles will just start to happen. You will be even luckier. There will be even more Love, opportunities, money, friends, wonderful people in your life. Love will come into your life!

Sometimes in a person's life, it happens that it is impossible to find happiness and this torments a person because one wants so much light and tender feelings. There is an explanation for the fact that love does not look into a person's life and there is no beloved person, but you need to first understand yourself, meditation of love and attracting energy will help to do this.


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