Meditation before bedtime benefits both the physical body (helps it to relax) and the spiritual state of a person, bringing the psyche into balance, dumping all the negative accumulated during the day, in order to start a new day from scratch in the morning emotionally and spiritually. In this article, we will briefly explain what meditation is for and what types of it are best to practice before bed.

Bedtime Meditation: Yoga Practice

What is meditation? Meditation is yoga. By doing meditation, you are practicing yoga! Surprised, I thought that meditation is not yoga, is it meditation? You think correctly, but in yogic teaching there is also a place for meditation, and it does not take the last place there: the practice of dhyana - preparation for samadhi, the state of oneness with the Absolute - is nothing but meditation.

Remember that yoga has eight parts, and not one, as is often assumed when associating the word "yoga" with asanas. Asanas are just one aspect of the practice of yoga teaching, and through asanas you prepare for meditation practices and pranayama, which in turn is also meditation using control and concentration on the breath as a tool for immersion in the state of dissolving your ego while concentrating on the breathing process, but we'll talk about this later. And now let's get back to where we started - to yoga and to what Patanjali himself, the founding father of this teaching, writes. He, being a practitioner, at the same time explained his teaching theoretically, gave him a description in yoga sutras, the first of which begins with the words "Athayoganushasanam", which can be translated as "now the study of yoga begins," where atha means 'now',

Just look, analyze the beginning of the sutras: "now the study of yoga begins", or "comprehension of the discipline of yoga." “Now” is the word that all spiritual teachers constantly talk about, and they quite justifiably emphasize its importance, because there is power in the present moment, and at this moment we begin to comprehend yoga. Through the practice and discipline of body and mind, we understand ourselves and the world, since it is impossible to know the world without knowing ourselves. It is when you come to oneness with yourself that you truly understand others. For you, the words about the unity of all things cease to be a simple, beautifully spoken, pretentious phrase that often sounds at spiritual seminars without any practical support.

Through yoga practice, mastering meditation, the power of the present moment will finally open up to you, because you will learn to be alone and not be eaten by boredom. After all, why then, when we are alone, do many thoughts swarm in our head? This comes from our inability to be alone, in real loneliness, when even thoughts cannot keep us company. Scared to be alone with emptiness? It is good that you are brave to admit it to yourself. Many people are scared because they have never experienced anything like this in their lives. But once you find yourself in this emptiness, you will never be afraid and understand that there is neither loneliness nor boredom. They are just excuses for our mind to make it do something again, think hard,

You will understand that through meditation you come to real freedom of the mind, freedom from the thought process, which is so difficult to stop. Are you free, thinking constantly, hourly - even about little things, but your mind is constantly loaded with the scrolling of some thoughts? It cannot be freedom, you are trapped in the thought process. In the practice of meditation, you learn what real spiritual freedom is in this place and in the present moment. Therefore, repeating "Ata yoganushasanam" after Patanjali, now we begin to study yoga through its aspect - meditation before bedtime.

Best Bedtime Meditation

Taking into account the fact that only through meditation a person makes discoveries, comes to an understanding of the truth, you need to consciously practice it. Perhaps the great scientists and inventors, poets and musicians did this unconsciously, creating their works and making discoveries, but at the moment of condescension to what we call a brilliant idea, they were in a state of meditation.

It is not at all necessary to sit in the lotus position, padmasana, with your fingers folded in jnana mudra on your knees. Being in a state of meditation can be spontaneous. You most likely experienced this when it seemed to you that time had stopped, but you realized this not at that very moment, but later, when you had already left this strange state and, looking back, realized that something unusual had happened. This state, which is characterized by the fact that the flow of thoughts is stopped and your mind becomes clear - then there is a space in it for understanding something truly great. When the bowl is full, there is nothing to add to it - this is a well-known aphorism. You need to empty the cup from past experiences and ideas in order to fill it with new and true.

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