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Q: How do I pay? 
A: Venmo, Paypal.  You will be asked to provide your Venmo or Paypal account name at the time of booking. We will send you a payment request to your account for the amount to cover the fee of the reading you booked.

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy? 
A: There is a 48-hour reschedule policy. Please make sure to reach out within 48 hours of your appointment to reschedule and avoid a rescheduling charge.

Q: Can I bring someone to the reading? 
A: To avoid having spirit come through from another sitter in the room, it's encouraged to be alone when doing a reading. This will help avoid other spirits to come through.

Q: Is a phone or video conference reading as good as in person? 
A: Yes, absolutely.  To connect with spirit I do not need to be physically in person with you.  Spirit will connect with me once I connect with you, the sitter. Spirit will then provide me messages in the same way as if we were in person or video conference.

Q: How should I prepare for my reading? 
A: Have an open heart, mind, and set the intention to connect with the loved one in spirit you wish to hear from.

Q: Do pets come through?
A: Yes, pets do come through. They have a soul just like we do which allows mediums to connect with pets in the spirit world.

Q: What is the difference between a medium and a psychic?
A: All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums, a medium is a psychic with the ability to connect with those who are now in Spirit on the other side.

Q: How soon after my reading should I wait to schedule another one?
A: It is recommended to wait 4-6 months in between readings.

Q: What is the difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards? 
A: Both types of decks are used for insight, perspective, clarity, personal growth, inspiration, coaching, and divination. Historically the Tarot has ancient roots while Oracle Decks (angels, fairies, guides, fractal, etc.) are the new kids on the block.
However, they are structured quite differently. The tarot follows it’s own set of rules laid out by original masters of days gone by, while the artists of oracle cards are free to do whatever they want.

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