See what these happy 'sitters' have to say about their readings with Roy.

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"I highly recommend getting a reading with Roy! His attention to detail in a reading was very much appreciated and he brought through my loved one with such specific detail and accuracy, it blew me away! He has so much integrity and focus connecting to spirit and that shows through in the reading. If you are looking for a medium reading with strong evidence and healing messages, look no further. I am looking forward to my next reading with Roy!"

- Pearl S.

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"I had the pleasure of having a reading with Roy, it was a truly wonderful experience! Roy was able to connect with 3 of my past loved ones in which he gave information and evidence that made it clear with whom he was speaking to. I was very impressed, I have had many readings in the past and some of my loved ones can be elusive and I leave feeling unfulfilled . Roy's reading was effortless as if he was having a cup of coffee and a nice chat with my passed family members and his messages were filled with love. If you are looking for a one of a kind reading that is delivered with kindness and love look no further than Roy!"

- Jessie K.

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"I loved working with Roy. His ability is truly impressive and he has a gentle yet playful way about his delivery. Conversation is an ease and it's a pleasure talking with him. He seemed to be just what I needed at a particular crossroads of healing and I'm so grateful we connected! One of the more memorable encounters I've had working with a medium."

- Jenny B.

"Last week I had a psychic reading with Roy over Zoom. He asked what topics I wanted to know about in the reading and he answered my questions. He did not ask me for much information as he was able to tell specific details about my life without having to get answers from me. He was able to understand the situations occurring in my life and gave me advice on them. Also, he was able to either validate my suspicions or shed more light on areas of my life I was more confused about. I also referred my friend to Roy and she also had a similar experience. She later confirmed facts that Roy knew that she did not know yet. Roy also wanted to make sure all my questions were answered by the end of the call and did not aim to cut the call on the dot incase something ran over. Overall, I would recommend Roy to anyone and would do another read with him myself!"

- Greg L.

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"I simply adore Roy! As my evidential reading began, Roy’s calm and peaceful demeanor put me at ease and helped me relax. With his direct, clear and accurate pieces of evidence, I was easily able to identify which one of my spirit loved ones he was speaking to. To my amazement, 3 family members got the chance to communicate during our session! I believe his kind and caring attitude in delivering their messages makes all the difference in the world. I felt uplifted and so much lighter after my reading! I would highly recommend a consultation with this gifted, kind and open young man! Thank you Roy, for being a caring soul in a tough world! I am truly grateful for our friendship and wish you many successes and blessings on your path!"

- Connie F.

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"I highly recommend Roy! It's been my pleasure and honor working with Roy. I love his sense of humor as well as his sincerity. Roy truly works from the heart. I've enjoyed working with him tremendously. Roy's commitment to developing his skills and serving people to aide in their healing process is admirable. He truly has your best interest at heart!"

- Holly R.


"I honestly don't know where to begin... While Roy may be publicly new to this arena, his connection to the spiritual realm is breathtakingly precise!


Everything he shared had relevance and made sense to the point I got chills and the hair on my arms stood on end. He touched upon things that I have never shared with a soul.


I felt completely comfortable, safe, and connected during my reading and would not hesitate to recommend Roy to my dearest of friends. I am looking forward to another reading!"

- Trisha H.

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"I have had many readings in my time. Roy brought me my mom with a message I have been waiting over 30 years for. The details were undeniable and he helped me solve a mystery. Roy helped me let go of some resentments I was holding onto for a long time. I am grateful to Roy for his reading."

- Deborah U.

"I had the pleasure of having a psychic reading by Roy last night! He knew exactly where I came from, where i am currently, and where I am working on going in the future. He mentioned us moving, which is something we have been working on! He even knew the reason for our intended move. Roy was very professional and on point with everything he said. I would highly recommend him."

- Jayne D.

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"Roy provided me with such a wonderful mediumship reading! He got such specific details about two of my loved ones in Spirit that it really comforted me to know that he was without a doubt connecting with them. I highly recommend a reading with him. His warm and comforting demeanor made everything so enjoyable. 10/10"

- Rachel B.

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“Tonight I had my first reading with Roy. I felt very comfortable and at ease. Roy truly has a beautiful gift of connecting with people that have meant so much to you. Well, tonight that was the case for me. I feel so much more at peace knowing that I was definitely the soul mate of the person that came through tonight.  I laughed, cried, and was just amazed how Roy told me things that were all factual and to the T. I’m looking forward to another reading, and see who will come through next.”

- Tammy T.

"What can I say? Roy has a very strong and clear connection; along with a beautiful way of conveying it. His focus and detail is unreal, and I feel like I could just listen to him speak for hours, connecting. Accurate validations, fun-yet professional attitude, and definitely helped me in what I was in search of, and other things I didn’t realize I needed to even be aware of or address. If you are new to this world, I 100% recommend Spirit Talk With Roy, to ground your soul, to speak to loved ones, to see what the heck is going on, and to possibly settle any thing you might be curious about. BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW!!!!! If I could give this a million star review, I would."

- Tpatt C.

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"Roy is a one of a kind medium. He puts you are ease with his amazing energy. He brought through three loved ones for me with a lot of clarity and detail. The evidence that he gave of my loved ones was indisputable and very healing. I highly recommend Roy and will be back."

- Jennifer W.

"Roy is the real deal!!! He has done psychic and spirit mediumship readings for me several times and each time I am blown away. He has helped me connect with loved ones in spirit providing incredible evidential detail. I was very comforted knowing my loved ones were truly with me and giving me messages that I needed to hear. Plus, I was very comfortable working with Roy. He is authentic, honest, gifted, and funny. I highly recommend booking a reading and working with him."

- Danielle F.

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