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Please read the sections below before booking a Psychic Mediumship reading with me.

to book a skype psychic mediumship reading, email me:

a 1 person skype psychic mediumship reading is $125 for 30 mins



~this is the FAQ section​
Who is a Psychic Medium reading for? 
Anyone looking for insight regarding their life, which includes career, relationships, potential futuristic outcomes
as well as spirit communication. Readings are a great tool for validation and guidance. You are responsible to
make your own decisions and choices. In regards to spirit communication, no Medium has control over which
departed loved one will communicate with them. It is possible those you once knew will come through as well
as those you might not have known. Your loved ones in the spirit world determine what they want to talk about,
not the Medium.  Please do not tell me anything about your life as well as your deceased love ones at all before the reading.

Can I book a Psychic Medium reading for someone else?
I recommend that the person that wants a reading, book the appointment. If you would like to book a reading
for someone as a gift, please make sure they read the FAQ information before the reading, and understand the
expectations. If people are too skeptical, then the reading will not be the most beneficial experience for the
individual. Again, people attempt to control the reading, but that's not how this works. For the best reading
experience, everyone needs to be open in mind and heart. 

Will my loved one that passed give me exact answers to my questions or provide a specific memory, how they
died, or name?
Spirits have free will to give me messages. Some people assume that their loved ones that passed on will
100% provide describe the circumstances of their death, or give specific memories or names. As previously
stated, your loved ones in the spirit world determine what they want to talk about, not the Medium. 

How do I best prepare for a reading?  
Come with an open mind and heart.  I ask that you refrain from recreational drug use or alcohol the day of the
reading. For Skype readings, please also be in a room that is quiet without any interruptions. You may use an
audio recording device to record our sessions (I do not allow video recording of our session). Please also be on
time for your reading.  If you arrive late, that time will be taken out of your reading.  No exceptions.  Readings
are booked back-to-back.  If you’re late, it throws everyone else off.

Will you record my reading?  
I allow for you to use an audio recording device to record. I do not allow video recording. I do not record the 
Cancellation policy.  No less than 24 hours is required for you to cancel a reading. There is a $20 rescheduling
fee. I don’t provide refunds for cancellations within 24 hrs of the reading.

Legal and health advice: I am neither a lawyer nor doctor and do not offer legal or health advice.  I can, however,
help you to navigate the rough parts of your life as you go through any such challenges.
Confidentiality: I take your privacy very seriously.  I will never share the contents of your reading with anyone.




to book a skype psychic mediumship reading, email me:

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