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The study of various forms of Qi and energy transformations led to one of the greatest theories in physics - the law of conservation of energy. The law of conservation of energy states that “ energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be transformed from one form to another, but the total amount of energy in a given system never changes. " Physics defines four types of energy: mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical, and thermal. All four types of energy are interconnected and transform from one to another. For example, electricity can be converted into sound, light, mechanical energy, and heat. Conversely, sound, light, mechanical energy, and heat can be converted into electricity. Western science was rooted in the "enlightenment" received during seventeenth-century Western Europe. This knowledge is largely based on scientific principles established by Sir Isaac Newton and Descartes and relies heavily on logical and measurable scientific evidence and methods. That is why she views humanity as separate and relatively independent of the cycles and processes of nature and the environment. And he considers energy as an impersonal and inanimate force. This Western scientific view has led to the separation of the spirit, mind, and emotions of a person from the body and physical experience. The ancient Chinese believed that all things are closely related in a huge continuous harmony that exists in the eternal matrix of Tao. They perceived

people as a microcosm of the universe that surrounded them, with the same basic forces that were in it. This ancient view of energy is much more like the theory of quantum physics. Both Chinese energy theories and quantum physics suggest that energy cannot be studied without considering the influence of the mind on it. Moreover, since energy and matter are interchangeable, energetic behavior cannot be studied independently of matter. From the point of view of qigong, the entire human body is filled with energy from the environment, which is transformed in the human body. For example, light energy is absorbed, accumulated, and converted into various types of energy within the body, just as plants absorb and convert light into chemical energy.

There are five main forms of energy in the human body: ● sound ● light ● magnetism

● heat ● electric They envelop and support our inner experience as well as our interaction with the outside world. These five energies support, direct and control our psychology and physiology, and determine the subtle resonances of our energy and spiritual fields. In Qigong, these energies are considered properties of a deeper spiritual

reality that underlies and guides physical reality. Extensive scientific research in China has confirmed that the human body actually emits sound, light, magnetic energy, electricity, and heat. Excess and lack of energy The state and level of the overall health of the body result from active patterns of cellular vibration in tissues. The cells in the body constantly vibrate, expand and contract in accordance with the body's Qi cycles and flow. During the entire process of cellular expansion and contraction, matter (in Jing form) is constantly transforming into energy (in Chi form), and energy is constantly transforming into the matter. When the cell contracts (cellular exhalation), the substance inside the cell is released and converted into energy. When the cell expands (cell inhalation), energy is extracted from outside the cell and converted into matter inside the cell. If a group of cells contracts too much (for example, due to stress, overwork, caffeine, or other stimulants), excessive amounts of energy are released, resulting in a condition known (among traditional Chinese medicine practitioners) as "excess Qi" (because more energy than the body is able to use or process). Excess Qi can manifest itself through symptoms such as heat radiation. The accumulated Chi surrounding cells can also impede the body's energy flow, resulting in a condition clinically known as "Chi stagnation." Qi stagnation can manifest itself through symptoms such as pain, inflammation, and swelling.

Conversely, if a group of cells expands too much (due to obesity, sleep, or depression), a large amount of energy is absorbed from the spaces surrounding the cells and converted into matter inside the cell. When too much substance is absorbed by the cell, there is a lack of energy outside the cell, resulting in a condition known clinically as "qi deficiency." Qi deficiency can manifest itself through symptoms such as coldness, weakness, fatigue, and degenerative conditions. Matter and energy rhythmically transform into each other in and around cells. Constantly transforming back and forth, this cellular activity energetically affects nearby cells, creating a sympathetic resonance that is unique to each tissue type. The approaches of traditional Chinese medicine are reduced to the understanding that the energy and cellular functions of tissues must be balanced and then healing will begin. Every cell in the body reacts and produces sound, light, magnetic field, electricity, and heat. Thus, all tissues and functions of the body can be positively or negatively influenced by the quantity and quality of any of the five above energies.

Influence of 5 energies on the body The effect of each type of energy on the body is described as follows:

  • Sound: When the body is exposed to any sound resonance, tissues and cellular structures affected by that particular frequency or combination of frequencies respond. Therefore, different tone frequencies (different music) can be used clinically to clear excess energy or congestion and calm the nervous system.

  • Light: All living cells emit particles of light called "biophotons". The emitted light acts on cell membranes and can be used clinically to tone up energy deficiencies.

  • Magnetic Energy: The cells of the body have electromagnetic fields containing positive and negative polarities that attract and repel each other. This results in a magnetic attraction between different types of Chi, tissues, organs, and limbs. Special magnetic fields can be created to attract (Tone), repel (Cleanse), combine (Regulate), and direct Chi.

  • Heat: The heat inside the body causes an increase in the movement of electrons, which leads to the release of more heat at the cellular level. Heat is also created as a byproduct of cellular metabolism and can be used to increase Qi activity and tone up energy deficits.

  • Electricity: Electromagnetic energy in cells is continuously generated through biochemical transformations of food and air and is propagated by electromagnetic fields generated by tissues. Examples of electrical energy in the body can be found in electrical impulses from the nervous system and the heart (measured by EEG and ECG, respectively).


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