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Fire will rid the room of negative energy. To do this, you should take turns walking around each room with a lit wax candle. The space must be traversed clockwise around the perimeter, paying particular attention to the corners. The wax will smoke and crackle in places where there is a particularly unfavorable energy clot. To get rid of negative emotions, sit in front of the flame and watch it until the wick burns out completely. To clear the energy of another person, sit behind him. Move the heat source by moving up from the bottom of your body and making circles. As soon as you hear a crackle, stop in this area and wait until the light becomes even, clean again. When you get to the top of your head, repeat the procedure twice.

Working with the main energy flow The main conductor of forces is the spine. To get the most out of its effect, find a secluded place, relax and direct your attention to your sensations. Breathe in and imagine energy coming up from the earth. Exhale and now try to feel the heavenly energy flow filling you from above.

How to restore your energy: "Fountain" Breathe calmly and watch as a channel passes through you from crown to toe, connecting the sky and the earth's surface. Further, there is a response: and now the geyser is bubbling right under your feet, returning the received power to outer space. Mentally control the trickles generated by your inner impulse.

Stretching a cocoon of energy The coolest way to restore energy is visualization before bed. Go to bed, close your eyes and pull a cocoon of energy over yourself. Everything, then just lie down and charge. Can be left overnight. If you do it every day, there will be no problems with a lack of energy during the day.

Chakra pumping and activation Sit on the floor with your legs crossed in a comfortable position. If you find it difficult to sit upright, spread something soft, rest your back on a pillow, etc. The main conditions: the spine should be straight, your posture should be comfortable. The task is to pump all chakras, from mooladhara to sahasrara. The exact location of the chakras can be found on the net. First concentrate on mooladhara, visualizing the chakra as a luminous red ball with a diameter of about 5 cm. Concentration time is about 5 minutes. You don't need to spot it, work by feeling. It is necessary to achieve a feeling of warmth in the chakra area. As soon as you succeed, move on to the next chakra, etc. Chakra activation is a very good exercise for re-energizing the body.

Luminous ball

One of the most common ways to restore a person's energy is visualization of a bright luminous ball, which, like a hot sun, performs the function of cleansing the chakras from negative energy accumulated for various reasons in the energy shell of a person. 1) Mentally create an image of the solar disk and imagine how it rotates counterclockwise - there is a strong extract of the negative, which you reinforce with a mental message and at the same time visualize the process; 2) Then change the direction of rotation of the disk - there is a powerful golden stream of energy to saturate and recharge the energy shell with energy; 3) Create a virtual solar sphere with an inner mirror surface behind you, saturate it with pure energy and bring it into contact with the energy-information shell. 4) Next, create an image of the sun with the direction of rotation of the disk clockwise and direct the energy flows emitted by the sphere towards yourself, squeezing out all the negative outside the shell and directing it into the virtual sphere. 5) Then you lower it deep into the earth to transform the contents into positive energy of creation.

Tibetan Exercise for Instant Recuperation This simple exercise, available for any age and with any body type, will develop your energy in the shortest possible time, strengthen the functioning of all body systems and start the internal process of self-healing. It only takes 5 minutes. But it has a tremendous impact. The exercise is not really new. We are not reinventing the wheel. It is part of the ancient Tibetan self-improvement system of the body. It has no contraindications, does not require knowledge of volumes of yoga. All you need to know will be outlined below. You only need a few square meters and preferably a ventilated area. Clothes should not be constrained. Ideally, if there is a minimum. No one should be watching you. Concentration and inner peace are required. Before doing it, it's good to warm up slightly for a minute or two. Run in place, pull the joints. Stand up straight, make sure there are no places nearby that you can accidentally knock on. Spread your arms out to the sides, palms down. Start rotating clockwise around its axis. (If the imaginary dial under your feet is looking at you.) Run 10-12 turns at medium speed. And then 3-5 turns counterclockwise. Stop. Fold your palms together in front of your chest (as in prayer), and fixing your gaze at some point exactly in front of your eyes, inhale and press your palms hard against each other with exhalation. Take a deep breath and push again as you exhale. And so several times. This will stop dizziness and stabilize the unwinding of the energy spheres. This is the stage of stabilizing the speed of rotation of energy. Then lower your arms and just relaxedly stand straight for one or two minutes, looking in front of you with a defocused gaze. Such a rotation around itself spins the invisible energy spheres of our body (located at the level of the spine and in the joints), and makes them intensively suck in energy from the surrounding space. Performing this exercise every day restarts and stabilizes the rotation of the energy spheres, gradually bringing all systems back to normal. You need to do the exercise consistently and daily. It is very good if you can devote time to it 3 times a day: in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. Daily practice for several weeks will undoubtedly bring results. You will see it

yourself, feel the inner energy, notice that you have ceased to get tired. In the future, you can reduce the number of approaches to two per day: in the morning and in the evening. And then, when you feel that the state has returned to normal ("you are constantly at your peak") - up to once a day. But do not interrupt its execution at all. Do this exercise at least once a day, keeping your energy spheres stable. The specified number of revolutions (10-12 + 3-5) is the minimum level for starting practice. Further, the number of revolutions must be increased, and the speed of rotation around its axis can also be increased. The measure of the amount is the normal state of health: during and after the rotation, the appearance of nausea and dizziness is unacceptable. If, even after the rotation stabilization procedure, you feel nauseous, you need to reduce the number of revolutions and the rotation speed! A week or two, and gradually your results will invariably creep up. Gradually increase the number of revolutions to 30 (+ in the opposite direction 7-8). Again, avoiding unpleasant sensations, stopping dizziness in time. Gradually the chakras will unwind, grow, come into a harmonious state, and along with them your state will progressively improve. Just remember the following clearly: when rotating clockwise, the spheres open to the set, and when rotating counterclockwise, they close and encapsulate the accumulated. If you mix up where to turn, you may even lose consciousness. Be careful! First, you open up for energy gain and fill the energy system with particles of energy from the surrounding space; then you close the system and distribute the accumulated, directing it inward into yourself - rotating counterclockwise and then stopping. The highest level of this exercise that can be achieved is its long-term performance with a sequential change in the direction of rotation. For example: 30 clockwise - 10 counterclockwise, then without stopping, clockwise again, then counterclockwise again. And so several times, back and forth. The chakras are trained in a very hard mode at the same time. If you do this at high speed, while first doing breathing exercises, you can literally feel how the energy is sucked in and begins to vibrate in the body!

Massage will help you quickly regain strength. Find the point on your hand between your index and thumb. At this point, make 8-10 circular movements clockwise with the index finger of your other hand, then counterclockwise the same amount. Press until you feel it working. Place your hand on your knee, find a hole under your little finger. Press on this point on both legs at once for 3-5 minutes. This massage can be done at work, at home in front of the TV. Spread your fingers, place them on your head, massage the scalp with "massaging" movements.

Lao Gong point Lao Gong Point is one of the most secret acupuncture points. Its name literally translates as the Palace of Labor. And this is no coincidence, because lao gong is located in the center of the palm, which is responsible for the strength of a person's grip and is naturally associated with labor.

The point is located on the channel of the triple heater and refers to the fire element. It is useful to massage it in case of loss of strength, fatigue, weakness, heart disease, shortness of breath. The only nuance that will still be useful for you to know: later, having accumulated energy, your body will begin to give you signs that you will need to distribute it to some lagging, blocked areas of the body. You will want to do some stretching, twisting, joint massage, or simply load your muscles with regular exercises. You will want to give excess energy a way out, perhaps through sports, running, or dancing. Don't resist it. Follow your inner guidance and sensations, and your body will guide you towards optimal well-being.

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