Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Do you have a pet?

Then you might wonder if your pet has a purpose for the Soul. Can animals sense the spirit world? Do they really have a Soul? Animals are wonderful messengers of the universe, but they also have their own paths on Earth and even in the spirit world. What is a spirit animal? I'm sure you've heard of the term spirit animals. The reason this term exists gives you a great idea of ​​the strength of animals. It is true: every animal has special gifts, personality, and it brings something of its own into the world. The more you study and observe nature and its creatures, the more you learn, as they are great teachers who have something to show to humanity. Each animal is created with the intention of the Soul, each of them brings different qualities, each enriches life on Earth.

As you study these creatures, you begin to realize that they have an innate knowledge of how they should behave, which is acceptable to their species. If you take a young animal from your mother to a completely different space, without any similar species around, they will come to realize their abilities and learn to survive. But survival is not the only thing they are born with. Animals have much more knowledge and connection with the Earth. They, like you, volunteered on this journey to exist, learn, and support everything. They feel what this path is for everyone, and they move towards fulfilling it.

Do animals have a way?

Think about the puppy being given to the child. The puppy knows that his path is to become a companion for the child, to be in touch and teach the child in his own way.

A cat is able to find its owner after walking kilometers of distance, simply because it feels a connection with him and realizes that the path is still going on.

On the other hand, you may have noticed how animals that were once pets suddenly disappear. Many times they did not get lost, but then they decided to move on, since their goal for a particular family was over.

Animals have great devotion to their path, even if it is different from that of similar species. In many cases, the animal's path is to continue the cycle of life, sometimes to increase the ability, and sometimes to help humanity.

So animals come with a purpose in life, and they know what it is. Their way of reincarnation is slightly different from that of a human. They can reincarnate in different animals every time and in different Universes. The one who used to be a dragon on one planet may be a lion here, but in any case, this Soul expands and grows with each reincarnation, like yours.

Animals and spirit