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Top Spirits that Come Through During Readings

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

You never know who will come through in spirit when sitting with a spirit medium. As you would expect, those that often come through are the people that we were the closest to. Our close family members and friends are almost certain to connect, but there is occasionally unexpected spirit that wants to present itself and deliver a healing message.

Here are the top spirits that connect during readings with a spirit medium.

A Neighbor

This one is the wildcard of the bunch. Sitters rarely expect a passed neighbor to come though with a message, but it happens quite often. Neighbors connect in spirit to deliver messages of appreciation and even apology. This desire for those that have crossed over to connect with their neighbors confirms the strength and importance of our relationships with the people that we live near.


When a grandfather presents himself, he is coming through as representing the total household. His spirit will bring forth a feeling of bonding, rapport, and occasionally playful demeanor. A grandfather can offer messages of tradition, strength, and pride for the sitter and living family members.


She is almost always coming through with comforting and caring energy. A grandmother may have messages for several members of the family because she is still the matriarch of the family keeping things together even after she has passed. When granny presents herself, listen up! She is bringing love, guidance, and acceptance.


If a child is connecting with a living parent, they are often bringing a message of comfort to let their parent know they are at peace. A child often wants to tell their parent to let go of any guilt or regret they have about the relationship or the passing itself. When someone's child connects with them through a spirit medium, they are almost always bringing a very important message to provide a much needed healing.


A father often comes through showing strength as the provider of the family. The energy is almost always warm and intense. He may be offering guidance and acceptance. When a father presents himself, there usually a message of either regret, an apology, or pride. Be ready when dad connects, you never know what message he is delivering.


The spirit of a mother comes through more often than most others. She usually has a lot to say. Sitters connecting with a passed mother will receive beautifully calming and nurturing messages. A mother will offer love, appreciation and sometimes an apology regarding a situation that may have occurred with the sitter. It is generally important for a passed mother to let her child know that she is still with them and that she is proud of them.


These may be the 'usual suspects' that present themselves during a reading, but you truly never know who will come forward. It may be a sibling, co-worker, friend, a pet, or even someone that you didn't think you had made such a big impression on when they were living. Sitters are often surprised by the messages they receive that they didn't know they needed.

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