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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I want to change my life for the better. How to change life? Where to begin? Change thoughts, change life? You can radically change your life in seven days. Armed with simple laws of prosperity, you will adjust the world to your personal desires and requirements. Simple practices will help you get whatever you want from the Universe. First of all, you must believe in a positive result. Positive thoughts are able to take out the fear of difficulties, which is a weighty anchor on the way to a happy life . Remember that your destiny is in your hands and only you can change it.

Monday is change day Our whole life is based on successive mechanisms. At the beginning there was a word (in our case - a thought), then - desires and dreams, which are the impetus for action. To change your life, you first need to change your thoughts. On the first day of the week, you should practice replacing negative ideas about your destiny with positive ones. Stop judging yourself, be loyal to your defeats. Thank you for an experience that opens the door to a new and better life for you . Be positive about everything. Each situation is two sides of the same coin. Highlight only the best for yourself, omitting the negative. Remove from speech phrases that destroy your enthusiasm and inner confidence. Use stable expressions with a positive charge - affirmations and positive attitudes. Over time, you will notice that this habit of a successful person has become a great addition for you.

Tuesday is Thanksgiving Day Learn to appreciate what you already have. Thank the Higher powers for everything that you have at this stage of life. You can't even imagine how many people around who wholeheartedly desire for themselves what is already available to you. Tuesday should end with words of gratitude and make it a rule to end every day that you live. Use prayers for the coming dream or meditations, the obligatory components of which will be words of

gratitude. Thank the Universe for the opportunities provided, for the right to choose, for the people you met, and, of course, for the difficulties. Any defeat is just a lesson that brings you closer to your own destiny.

Wednesday is a day of certainty If you are serious about changing your destiny, you must immediately decide what you actually want from her. There is a place for everything in your life, just mark what you really need to be happy. Write all your dreams on paper. Write down the accompanying desires - possible and impossible, for the long term and for today. Do not think and do not control yourself: let dreams come spontaneously. The main thing is to write down all thoughts as they come. This practice is a sure way to fulfill your aspirations and improve your life in general.

Thursday is the best day One of the laws of prosperity says: never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. On Thursday, the practice of refusing any transfers awaits you. Waking up in the morning and charged with positive, give yourself the installation that everything planned for this day will certainly come true. Every new day is a time for great achievements and success. Life will smile at you and help you realize everything planned. And in the evening, consolidate the previously learned practices: thank the Creator and the Universe for the help and life lessons.

Friday - Liberation Day People are able to ruin their own lives with imposed opinions, doubts and fears. The possibilities of each person are endless, which means that if one person can do it, the rest can too. It's just that some find their hidden talents faster and develop them, while others bury their abilities under other people's opinions and internal complexes. Do not be afraid of new things, discover fresh ideas every day. In case you're still in doubt, here's a great quote: "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it will think it's stupid all its life."

Believe in yourself, because a genius is hidden in every person. Try new things and don't worry about what people might think of you.

Saturday is the day of finding a purpose By the sixth day of the week, you should already have a list of your desires and aspirations, which may include even the most unrealistic and seemingly unrealistic dreams. Look carefully at everything you wrote down and try to choose the dream that best reflects who you are. The following questions will help you make your choice easier:

● What do I like to do?

● What are my talents, what do I do best?

● How can I earn money?

● If I had great wealth at my disposal, what would be the first thing I would do?

● If happiness was the global currency, what would I do/do for a living? These questions will help you find your true purpose and your own calling if you are honest with yourself. The most important thing in life is to do what the soul lies in. And if your activity brings happiness to you and the people around you, then joy and financial stability will not take long.

Sunday - results day You almost changed your own life , the matter remains small. The last thing to understand is that positive change doesn't happen overnight. They slowly approach you, sometimes so slowly that you may not notice it at first. Stay patient and calm. After all, if you look every minute at a flower in a pot, it is unlikely that it will grow from your heavy gaze. Learn to wait and hope for the best. Don't forget to practice the above practices on a daily basis so that good opportunities don't keep you waiting.

Seven days, seven elementary rules, seven laws of prosperity will help you change your life for the better . It is possible as long as you believe in the best. When these practices become your good habits , you will find true happiness and.

Be happy today, good luck on the way to your dream. How to radically change your life? This article contains, on the one hand, our personal qualities and shortcomings, on the other hand, reminders of how much we already have. We are all born with priceless gifts, but unfortunately we can forget about it. It is to find the way to your soul, in the development of personality, while maintaining integrity and humanity. We live on this planet to develop and develop the world for the better.

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