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Filling the energy of the Earth and the Universe

Filling the energy of the Earth and the Universe will help you to better feel the unity with the world, feel your Spiritual nature and be filled with vitality.

Execution Technique:

For the exercise, sit in a comfortable position. Feet should rest on the floor. Imagine that they are attracted by a magnet. You need to close your eyes. Start taking deep breaths in and out. With each breath, try to imagine that you are absorbing streams of light. As you exhale, you seem to get rid of fears, worries and anxieties that appear in the form of a gray fog. After you learn to imagine what happens when you inhale and exhale, your mind will be cleared of everything unnecessary.

Then it is worth imagining that you are starting to grow. Your sizes are increasing. The space seems to dissolve. There is a disappearance of walls, and then - and other obstacles. You manage to reach the ceiling, but you keep growing. Now you have reached the clouds. You feel how you become one with the whole world around you. Now you are a part of it, like a drop of a huge ocean. However, the ocean merges with all drops and is reflected in each of them. Remember that just as you are part of the world, the world is also part of you. Growth continues. Now you are surrounded by space and stars. They are not only outside, but also inside. After all, you are part of the cosmos. Moreover, all of it is within you.

Feel your dissolution in space. You turn into it, but at the same time you retain your own consciousness. The cosmos humanizes and spiritualized you.

Try to imagine that when you inhale and exhale, streams of light from the stars are captured. Feel how this light fills your body and consciousness. Your breathing is now carried out not only with the help of the nose. The whole body breathes. And you begin to absorb and then radiate starlight yourself.

It is important that you keep the feeling of this light in yourself, and in your whole body. Now imagine that you are slowly decreasing. You are returning to the place where you are now. Feel your feet firmly attached to the floor. Concentrate on the starlight that is within. Through your thoughts, send a stream through your feet into the ground. Imagine that these flows have reached its very depths. This is your gratitude to the Earth. You are giving her a gift of sorts. You shared with the Earth a piece of high vibrations, presented in the form of stellar energy.

After that, through the crown, with the help of thoughts, send energy flows upward, as high as possible. This is how you thank the Universe and recognize your close relationship with the family of the heavens and stars.

You are a dual being, uniting the earthly and the heavenly. Keep in your memory the state in which you firmly hold on to the earth, but at the same time the entire cosmos is concentrated in you. This is the habitual state of a being with a dual nature: an angel in the guise of a man. This is you. Now you are filled with the energy of the Earth and the Universe. To unite with the Creator, with the spirit and the Higher Self, you can conduct a meditation,

Grounding through the energy of the Creator:

The Creator's "Energy Grounding" is a powerful practice. It gives reunion with the energy of your spirit, the higher Self and the Creator.

Grounding sounds from the word for the planet Earth. Grounding is one of the secrets of life on earth. By grounding, they used to mean that these are some kind of energy practices. In fact, that's the way it is.That grounding is a comfortable feeling of being in the body, it is the acceptance of one's physical body, it is a feeling of being firmly on the Earth, it is not an energy suspension, it is not a hovering in the clouds, and so on. These are various physical exercises, breathing practices, this is body care, this is water, this is certain nutrition. But this is the initial level and it's all quite simple and familiar to many.

The practice below can be practiced many times a day. It passes the energies of the Creator very well and connects you with the earth. You will feel that your feet are firmly on the ground. But the most important and powerful thing that is connected with grounding in general is about something else. What is grounding? It is necessary to rise vibrationally to the energy level of the Creator. This is done in meditation, in prayer, in chanting mantras. But you don’t have to sit there for two hours, 10-15-20 minutes is enough. You turned to God with all your heart, you connected with your spirit and higher self, you received higher energies, and then you need to lead these energies through your body and consolidate through activity, you need to do it. The mistake most people make is borderline mannerisms and behavior patterns. One part of people hangs in meditation and lives there, doing nothing in external activity, the second part of people only does, but does not conduct the energy of the Creator. And you need both.

Be sure to remember this and do it. In the morning, they spent energy, saturated with energy. For what? In order to let the energy of the Creator through the activity. Any actions: go, cook, go to work, do it with joy, write, create, draw, work with children, help parents, no matter what, but you transfer the energy of God to the earth, to the real world and then the world becomes better. Because you took this energy from the higher planes and transfer it to real life. This is one of the most powerful and simple "secrets" for life on earth. Take the energy of God and ground it into the reality of your activity.

This helps with the “ascension” syndrome, when a person cannot accept the energies of a new order, a new level. Now these energies are constantly flowing and in a very powerful stream. Therefore, this practice will not be superfluous for many.


First, through the top of the head, we will let the flow of light energy pass. This is the energy of the Creator. You can first turn to God - the Creator to allow you to enter into his energy flow. With your hands you mentally push the Universe apart and a stream of light comes on you. Enter it. We let the energy of the Creator through us along the energy channel that runs along the spine. And then we pass through the legs and carry it all into the core of the earth. And then through the heart center (front and back), like 2 beam-channels, lower down, which go into the ground and cling to the center of the earth.

But the next stage is better for you to feel, someone needs to do it, someone does not. It is necessary to pass the energy of the earth from Gaia, the center of the earth. But many may feel uncomfortable for themselves. Therefore, very subtly feel your own state, whether you need to pass the energy of Gaia or not. Who needs it - do it, who doesn't - just stay in this state.

This technique is best done while standing.

Technique "Grounding" Stand up, straighten up so that you are comfortable, feet shoulder-width apart. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. And inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Please, ask that the energy from the top of the Creator (this is important!) pass through the crown of your head, filling your energy channel along the spine. And you feel how the energy passes through your spine, slowly and smoothly down your legs to your feet. And the beam of light that came out of your feet enters a meter into the ground, even deeper - 5 meters, 20 meters into the ground, 50 m, 100 m. And the beam goes deep, deep into the center of the earth to the very core of Gaia . And cling to the anchor. You will feel how your legs grow closer to the ground. From the heart center, from the center of the chest, 2 cords, 2 rays of light, went in front and behind. Front and back, they entered the ground, 5 meters, 20 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters, and deep, deep to the very center of the earth, they again hooked on the anchor. You will feel even more firmly on the ground with your feet.

Now feel like you need it. From Gaya, from the very center of the earth comes a powerful, pure energy of the earth, which passes through your feet. And it goes up the legs, along the spine. And it rises along the energy channel, up along your energy column, passing through all the chakras and leaving the beam upward through the top of the head.

And now you can feel the difference between the energy of the Creator and the energy of Gaia. These energies are completely different vibrations. Gaia's energy is more oily, more dense. And the energy of the Creator is lighter, more airy. Everyone has their own feelings. And now stay a little in this, just a few minutes. And take a deep breath in and out. Return to your place. Feel what changes are taking place in your body, how much easier you feel or how differently you began to feel.

This grounding technique can be done many times during the day. It is especially good when you start to feel like you are being led, you feel out of your body. It is very good to do in the morning and afternoon, when you need to go to work, socialize, interact, and so on.

Technique "Connection with the Higher Self, with the Spirit and the Creator" The second technique, which is the basis of the basics, the necessary base for each person. It is after this technique, when you receive energies, when you are filled with the energy of goodness, that is when you can go up and ground this energy. The technique is short, but everyone has their own time, how much to stay there. Everyone has their own ability to access certain vibrational levels, so just try. And most importantly, feed on this energy and love of the Creator, feel unity with this energy. And each one, in your own rhythm and mode, comes out of this meditation.

Let's start. Any energy practice begins with breathing. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. And inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Close your eyes. And while you breathe, observe the state of your body, how comfortable it is, how harmonious it is. As you breathe, observe the sounds that surround you, which further help you feel in a protected space.

Bring your attention to your heart center and dive inward. You seem to be on the platform of your energy center. Now, from the bottom of your heart, with whatever love you can send, send up a beam of love through the top of your head. And you send a ray of love, light from your heart to your higher self. And connect with it. Signaling from your heart that you are consciously reconnecting with your higher self than, from the higher self, the flow of energy of love goes further and higher, like a channel. And you connect with the energy of your spirit. And then even higher, as high as you can rise now, you rise to the energy plane of the Creator. In a beautiful, bright, empty space. It's calm, fine. Everyone can feel and hear some kind of music. Breathe in the energy of the Creator on this plane through your whole body, through your fingers, through your hands, through the cells of your body. Breathe and absorb this prana energy, this energy of higher vibrations. Feel how the energy of goodness fills you. The energy of the Creator is the energy of goodness. Stay in this space for as long as you feel you need to, in order to rest and drink this energy, in order to feel loved by God. You reconnect with God.

This energy of the Creator begins to descend through the energy channel, connecting with a point in the form of the energy of your spirit. You reconnect with the spirit. The energy goes even lower. Reconnecting with your Higher Self.

At the top of your head, like a lid opens, and the energy of the Creator flows like honey into your head through the crown chakra. And if you want to take a deep breath, take a deep breath. This is the signal-symptom that the energy of the Creator is entering your physical body. Let it flow like honey along the spine. And now fill your heart like a turbine with the energy of the Creator. You can feel that the heart begins to burn - this means that the energy has gone and started to circulate. Breathe deeply and feel how your entire heart center is working.

And then, be sure to let the energy flow along your body. Allow as much as you feel possible to fill with the energy of the heart, because the heart very often needs the energy of love. Allow the energy to pass further so that the whole body, the legs are filled with the energy of the Creator, and the excess energy pours down through the feet. Stay in this state.

For those who failed to feel the energy of goodness, the technique is repeated a second and third time. Again they sent the energy of love upwards, connected with their higher Self, spirit, stayed at the level of the Creator's energy, talked, and then returned this energy back. Fill your heart and body.


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