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HEALING PRACTICE “Pillar of Light”

This simple practice helps to get in touch with the Energy – the Descending Energy for our evolutionary transformation. One can also say: for the evolutionary transformation of Matter. But since everything is Matter (including you and me), we will talk about the transformation of you and me, because it is clearer and closer that way.

Light is Energy of high frequencies. Surrounding ourselves with this Energy and constantly being in conscious contact with it (the key word is “conscious”), we thereby help our evolutionary progress. So, we accustom ourselves to constantly abide in the Light. Wherever we are, whatever we do (whether we walk down the street, sit at the computer, work in the office or at home, while traveling in transport and other situations), we always remember that around us is a pillar of Light: shining, clean, dazzling Light, Energy of the Divine Presence. We learn to “see” this Light, feel it around us and enjoy this comfortable state of being in the Light.

Someone immediately, and someone over time will begin to physically, with the body, feel the Energy of Light around them. In terms of size, this column of Light will be as comfortable to imagine, perhaps one meter in diameter. But gradually horizontally it will become wider and wider, and vertically it can go to infinity above your head and sink into the ground (perhaps to the center of the Earth).

The longer we will be in contact with the Energy of Light around us, the more clearly we will feel how this Energy is condensed. We will consciously be able to hold this density and stay in it for a long time, thereby accustoming the body to the Energy of high frequencies. We must know that Energy is conscious. We only need to open the doors of our bodies to her, and she will perform the Work (for our purification, healing, transformation, transformation) herself. In other words, our bodies must become open, pure channels for the descent of the Divine Energy into Matter. Thus, we completely, without a trace of anything “for ourselves”, entrust ourselves to the Highest.

In order for the Energy to work in our body during the night sleep, before falling asleep, you should get in touch with it. I will add that, in addition to all the above benefits, it is also unusually pleasant, even blissfully, physically.

So, before falling asleep, you should completely relax. We mentally run through the body, starting from the tips of the toes to the top of the head, and as the thought follows, we relax every muscle of the body. Then we wrap our body with the Light, we wrap ourselves in the Light,as in a blanket. And then we begin to roll the Energy over the body: from the tips of the toes we slowly raise it to the top of the head, then from the top of the head to the toes.

We roll waves of Energy up and down the body, feeling a pleasant warmth, a slight tingling and, as it were, a weak electric current. Perhaps someone will fall asleep already during the rolling. Nothing, Energy will already work in the body. Those who are more persistent, who did not fall asleep, after rolling, do “lazy meditation” on the tip of the nose: with closed eyes, we reduce the inner gaze to the bridge of the nose, focusing on the tip of the nose, and for some comfortable time we freeze in this position.

Many during “lazy meditation” will immediately feel the infusion of warm pulsating Energy through the top of the head into the body (now I am writing these lines - and I immediately feel this infusion of waves of Energy into the body; when contact with Energy has already been established, it generally comes as soon as you think or talk about her). And when the body is filled with living hot pulsating Energy, you will feel extraordinary pleasantness, even bliss. Be aware of this living energy divine Presence in your body, enjoy it to the fullest. And then, mentally directing your consciousness to the highest possible planes of Consciousness, fall asleep wrapped in Light. It will be a healing, refreshing and stimulating dream.


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