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WE FILL OUR HOME WITH LOVE I recommend that everyone, several times a week during the practice, devote an extra five minutes to their home and fill it with Love. This makes the atmosphere soft and peaceful, removes the hovering nervousness, which has an extremely negative effect on the state of the expectant mother and fetus. According to ancient Chinese philosophy, the QI energy that fills the channels of the human body should also flow to the meridians of the family and home. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that a sufficient amount of healthy power flows through all the channels of the relationship.

Let's try to fill your home with Love and energy, imagine that a door opens in your heart, and a huge portion of Love is poured out from there. Visualize it spreading everywhere, filling your entire home. Feel how each room is filled and saturated with Love to such an extent that the air becomes thick with Love. You will feel the change immediately. All guests will pay attention to the soft and soothing atmosphere of your home. And only you will know that the matter is not in the house itself and not in the furniture. From the first steps, all visitors to your home will plunge into your Love! Live and learn! We communicate with many people on a daily basis, and there are sure to be those who are angry or negatively disposed of, not to mention energy vampires. What to do in such a situation so as not to get hurt? How to neutralize the negative coming from a person? To appease an aggressive boss or husband, or is there some way to protect yourself from him? The most common thing that can be applied in this case, it seems to us, is to send “Love” to a person.

How to proceed? Practicing white light for Protection If your heart is restless, something worries, worries and it seems that there is no more strength, you want protection ... join us, everything is simple: “... Close your eyes and imagine that you are standing in a stream of sparkling white light coming at you from above and going to the center, in the heart of the Earth. A stream, a column of white light and you are standing in it. Gradually the light becomes golden and now a golden sparkling rain of flawless golden light is pouring on you. This energy cleanses your physical body, all your energy fields, restores and revives energy connections. It flows through you, and you feel it, breathe it. Golden light washes every cell of your body, every feeling, every thought, creating harmony and filling with energy.

You can hear a subtle, gentle melody - these are vibrations of golden light, feel these vibrations, tune in with them. Now you yourself are becoming a golden light ... Anxiety, anxiety, fear disappears ... Divine unconditional Love shines in the heart with a golden sphere, you love the whole world, the entire Universe. You are full of energy and confident in your abilities ... It will be so! Enjoy this divine feeling. After 10 - 15 minutes, take a deep breath and open your eyes, you are really full of energy and strength, try to keep this feeling and start your daily activities. delimiter

Practice Golden Rain in a tense situation I also want to share a very simple, but very effective technique, which is also called "Golden Rain". This technique is used when a tense situation, a quarrel and we want our interlocutor to calm down. The essence of the exercise is as follows: If a person next to you is irritated or nervous, you need to imagine him in golden rain, laughing and joyful. Watch him as well be surrounded by the beautiful white light. There are many and different signs ... Just start doing it. But when you do this, you should be calm and feel this warmth towards a person, you should be pleased when you give a person the white light and watch the beautiful golden rain wash over them. The love that you begin to radiate attracts the same energy, pure and light. By clearing the space around you, you help yourself too, the world around you becomes cleaner and better.


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