How to ask the Universe for a Wish?

Have you ever thought that all our desires come true? Yes, yes, all wishes come true. Another thing is that many of us formulate our desires incorrectly or do not want anything at all. I understand that your first reaction to this statement is to argue right away. “It’s not true, I didn’t think about the accident, illness and didn’t expect any problems at all. I have always dreamed of happiness, health, well-being ... "

In this world, whether we want to believe it or not, all living things. Our thoughts are also alive. The Universe records our thoughts as energy impulses and strictly observes their implementation. The Universe fulfills our desires, and we “feed” it with our love. There is a strict interchange, and if one chain collapses, then the other collapses.

The point is that the Universe does not understand "noise words", words "yes" or "no". For her, there are no emotional concepts of "positive" or "negative", "fear" or "joy", it all depends on how much energy we put into our thoughts. It often happens that we thought about something and were frightened at the same time. The fear was so strong and gave rise to such a powerful surge of our energy that despite the fact that the thought flashed through my head for only a second, the Universe heard it as an order that cannot be ignored.

Think about how you make it up. For example, you often think like this ... "Now is a difficult time, it is difficult to get a good job, it is difficult to save up for an apartment, and indeed it is impossible to buy one." And there are complaints about our misplaced life, we scold our husbands, wives, relatives, everything around us is bad and not the way we want.

The Universe will do for you what you ordered, namely: "hard time", "difficult to get a job", "difficult to save up for an apartment", "impossible to buy an apartment", will move closer to you "relatives and spouses who are doing everything wrong" and will present on a platter with a blue border "life that failed" the fulfillment of desires by the power of thought.

So you yourself create a program for yourself, according to which you yourself will live. Desire is born with a person. From the first minute of life, we constantly need something, strive for something, dream about something. Who fulfills our desires - ourselves or some force? Is it possible to fulfill desires with the help of the universe, the universal mind? What is the universal mind, and how is it related to us? Many people ask themselves these questions.

How to ask the universe? People in the depths of their souls feel that the universe is no longer such an alien creature. More and more people in our century are beginning to turn to her with their requests. But how to do it right? What are the words to plead or convince the universe to respond? Consider the question of how to ask the universe.

Esotericists say that only those requests are fulfilled, in the implementation of which a person sincerely believes. Faith is the main component of this event. If a person does not believe or doubts the fulfillment of the desired, nothing will come of it. A person may doubt in the depths of his heart, it is not necessary to express doubts aloud!

The next rule of fulfilling desires through the universe is a friendly attitude towards it. It is impossible to consider the universal mind as a source of evil or cold indifference. Since we are all parts of the universe, we should also address it sincerely and friendly. And also the word “if”, which lives in our past, present and which we pull into our future, often prevents us from changing. Stop! Imagine that this "if" has never happened in your life.

True and False Desire Few people know about this point, but desires are divided into two types: ♦ false; ♦ true. How can desire be false, you ask? It is called false because it does not come from the depths of our nature and is not our true need. A false desire can be a request for what our friend or stranger has. He has a new car - and I need it, he went to the Canary Islands - and I need it. Is it necessary at all, and why is it necessary? Everyone must answer this question for himself, without lying to himself. Cunning is not perceived by the universe as a true desire.