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How To Make Someone Feel Special?

How To Make Someone Feel Special?

You may be trying to cheer up a friend after a bad day, or to make someone fall in love with you. Be that as it may, if the person feels special, it will be easier for you to improve your relationship, especially if you are tactful. There are many ways to make someone feel special, and many depend on the level of your relationship with them. Here are some general concepts and rules to help you show your appreciation.

Method 1 : Spend time together:

1- Smile. Greet a special person with a smile, smile as often as possible in his presence (but not fake). Smiling not only gives you a sense of joy, but it also puts you in a positive mood. This will show that you are happy to see the person and that you are interested in everything he says. 2- Listen. Pay attention to what this person is living - it can be a hobby, study or work. Memorize frequently mentioned names; apparently, these people are important to this person.

● Give him your full attention, do not be distracted by your phone or computer.

● Most often they talk about brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents and close friends. Pets, children, classmates, or coworkers may also be mentioned. Try to learn more about these people, their relationship with a special person for you.

● Sometimes it's best to just listen and not voice your opinions. For example: A friend told you that she has a disagreement with the basketball coach. You can say the following: "The situation is really unpleasant, I am sorry that you faced this." Do not say, “I also experienced this,” because you may not fully understand her feelings and hurt her even more. 3-Take an interest in your personal life. It's time to ask what you already know about the person. You can ask about a person or event that was mentioned in a previous

conversation. Asking questions will show you are interested. Listen carefully and try to remember details. Check out how things are going next time. For instance: ● You remember that a friend is very close to her brother, and the last time they saw each other was during spring break, when the whole family went to the beach. Ask how her brother is doing and when they last saw each other. You can ask when she will go to the beach again or when she plans to visit her brother. 4-Share your memories. This way you will not only remember funny moments from the past, but also let you know that you are not forgetting about your friend and that you appreciate the time together. These could be childhood memories or last night's events. You may have been awake and chatting all night long, or even decided to go skydiving. Recollecting time together is a great way to show that you value the time with your friend. 5-Touch the person often. Touching creates a sense of joy and strengthens the bond between people, without the need for them to be intimate. You can hug the person when you meet and say goodbye, or just pat them on the shoulder. ○ Try not to overdo it, as touching is permissible depending on the level of your relationship. We touch our soulmates, friends and relatives in completely different ways.

Method 2 :Give gifts:

1-Get to know the person. Listen to what she has to say. Remember important people, objects, places, events, or hobbies. Sometimes it's enough to remember what her favorite drink or sweetness is. Your allies are observation and listening skills. Pay attention to the following details:

● Best friends. Does she spend time with a friend or a group of friends? Find out more about these people, how they met your friend, and how they spend time together.

● Close relatives. Who does she communicate with most closely? With your brother, with one of your parents or with your grandmother? If she constantly talks about how they spend time with their father, then they communicate well. Note.

● Favourite drink. Does she like Cola or Pepsi? Sugar or Sugar Free? It is in simple things that attention and care is hidden.

● Favourite dish. Perhaps she loves oriental food or one particular dish. Note what she usually orders or which restaurant she prefers.

● Sports and hobbies. Is your girlfriend constantly in class or training? It is possible that she goes in for sports, but for the sake of entertainment, and not professionally. Keep track of not only the hobbies themselves, but also the degree of passion of the person. 2- A sentimental gift. Organize the information you received and choose a special gift. No need to trick or buy expensive items. The gift should take into account the interests of the person and show your attention. If a friend has a difficult day and a depressed mood, then it is enough to give a box of her favorite sweets to make her feel special and be able to forget about the troubles. Here are some examples of simple but enjoyable gifts:

● Favorite treat or drink. This is a simple but very powerful option.

● An attribute of your favorite sports team. A jersey, a jersey or tickets for the next match are great choices.

● Collectible items. Many people collect cups, cards, and other items. If you add a new item to your friend's collection, she will be very happy.

● You can also make a gift with your own hands. Invite her over and cook her favorite meal. Draw a portrait if you have the ability to do so. Use your talents to make a special gift for a special person. 3-Compliment. Compliments are sometimes more difficult than giving material gifts, but they can be even more powerful. Here are some tips for making a good compliment:

● Be sincere. Think about what your friend is proud of and develop that idea. Such a sincere compliment will sound natural and deeply meaningful to the person.

● Be careful. If your friend comes in a new dress or puts on a new piece of jewelry, then this is a great opportunity to say something nice to her.

● Celebrate the person's personality. If a friend has done a good deed for you, thank him and tell him that he is a very kind person. Smile when complimenting. 4- Invite the person to a special place. It can be a clearing in the forest, where she loved to walk as a child, or a concert of her favorite band. This way you will not only be able to spend time together, but also show your concern and attentiveness.

● You can also invite a friend to a restaurant, on vacation, or to a sporting event.

Method 3: Be in touch:

1-Keep in touch. Call her in your spare time. If you and your friend are very busy and you can't find time in a busy schedule, then plan the time in advance. You can also communicate via SMS and email. Send her a link to an interesting article or tell her something that reminds you of her. Take an interest in the lives of people dear to her. All this will be a manifestation of your care and attention.

2-Follow social media. This will give you additional topics for conversation. If appropriate, comment and rate her posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. At the same time, try not to impose or embarrass the person. Consider these examples of social media use: ● She posted a photo of her skiing trip. In the next conversation, you say that you saw the photo and ask how she spent the time. Was she there with friends or family? So you show that you think about her, and want to know more. 3-Introduce a mutual friend. If you can't see each other often, but you know that she would like to make friends in a new place, then think about whether you have acquaintances in this city. Introduce your friend to this person. This will not only show that you think about her, but in addition show your concern even from a distance. ● If you decide to introduce two of your friends, then tell them a couple of funny stories so that they have something to talk about. For example: “Alina, this is my friend Natasha, we played volleyball together at school, she was the best in serving. Natasha, Alina and I studied at the university and constantly had a great time. " Now they have some information about each other and a topic to start a conversation. 4- Plan your next meeting. It doesn't matter if it is tomorrow or in a month. By planning ahead of time, show your interest. Plans will also help you if you need to save some money or take a vacation to meet. Ask what she would like to do. Suggest activities that interest her. ● If you have mutual friends or you know her girlfriends, then try to include them in your plans. This will show that you care about the people who are important to her.

5- Keep promises. If you break your own plans, then the person may feel that he is indifferent to you. This will nullify all your previous efforts. Don't waste your words! Highlight important events on the calendar and set reminders if necessary. Leave yourself a sticky note on your desk or on your bathroom mirror. Think of any way that is convenient for you not to forget about important events.


● Recognize boundaries and learn to abide by them. They always depend on your relationship with the person.

● Your behavior must be sincere. The person won't feel special if you pretend.


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