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Many people resort to meditation to heal and heal their bodies, and not by accident. She is able to calm the nerves, give harmony and joy of life, get rid of unnecessary thoughts, and this plays an important role in recovery. In addition, certain techniques can help to defeat disease, direct your energy and the energy of the Universe. From Latin, the word "meditation" is translated as "reflection", and this well characterizes this practice. A person seems to plunge into himself during meditation, he is not disturbed by anything earthly, he is focused on the inner world. At this moment, he should not be disturbed by unnecessary thoughts, because it is precisely in detachment that the essence of practice is. You can learn this if you regularly devote at least half an hour a day to meditation. In this case, your feelings and thoughts will come to a harmonious state, and you will be able to look at life in a new way.

Before bedtime: To be healthy, you need to sleep well - this simple truth is known to every child. But if children mostly have no problems with this, then adults living in a world of stress and anxiety sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep peacefully. But without sleep, a person cannot be healthy, which means that this is a vicious circle? With the help of meditation, you can break out of this circle and regain healthy sleep. To do this, you just need to learn how to relax and leave all daytime experiences in the past, going to bed.

Meditation heals not only the body, but also the soul, which is so important for those who are under stress all day. Only by relaxing and renouncing problems can you give rest to your psyche, tune in to a restful sleep. Meditation helps in this case much better than sleeping pills and all kinds of medications. It has no side effects, it only brings benefits and healing to the whole body. Thanks to her, you can relax before going to bed and calmly retreat into the arms of Morpheus. When you start meditating, tune in to the waves of calm and relaxation, direct your energy towards this. First of all, get into a comfortable position while in bed. You can lie, or you can sit with a straight back, legs bent - everything is individual. The main thing is that you do not feel discomfort. It is better to lie down for those who want to fall asleep immediately after meditation, and if you just need to get rid of the day's worries, then it is better to sit. It is important that your clothes do not bother you either - for this period it is better to forget about synthetic and tight dressing gowns and put on something spacious and comfortable. Turn off your phones, turn on soft lights, and relax. You can also include suitable music, nature sounds or soothing melodies for relaxation.

Moving on to meditation: Focus on one point about a meter away or on a burning candle. Create a mental block for negative thoughts and worries.

Imagine how all anxieties and all negativity burns up in the light of a candle or dissolves, disappears without a trace in the air. Think that your body and soul are being cleansed, becoming completely clean, visualize it. Visualize your negativity, all the bad thoughts and feelings. Gradually, mentally burn them one by one. Feel the purity and freedom from negativity, feel that not a single bad emotion remains in you. Imagine yourself sealing your mind from the thoughts you just burned. You are now cleared of the daytime negativity, but that's not all. Sleep well requires some self-hypnosis to help the energy flow in the right direction. After such a dream in the morning you will be full of energy, and your mood will remain cheerful and cheerful throughout the day. Constant meditation before bedtime can heal the body and even slow down the aging process, because during proper sleep, the body fully rests, its cells are renewed, and this directly affects the condition of the skin.

After you have burned all the negativity, you need to tune yourself in to positive energy. To do this, you need to do the following: 1~ Focus on something that brings you happiness, love, something that is joy in your life - not on a specific event, but on the feeling of warmth. 2 ~ Visualize this flow of happiness in your mind and enter it like a waterfall or a beam of light from a spotlight. 3 ~ Imagine how everything around is filled with the light of joy, bathe in it, absorb it with your whole body. Imagine how everything around became bright, sunny.

Thanks to this, you will fill your soul with positive instead of negative. After completing the meditation, you should relax and not think about anything, focusing on positive emotions and a feeling of warmth. If done correctly, you will quickly fall asleep, and in the morning you will be ready for new achievements.

For All: For all, in order to heal the whole body and direct energy in the right direction, the following meditation called "Healing the Earth" is suitable. Sit as comfortably as possible, not in the lotus position, but with your feet parallel to each other on the floor. Straighten your back, close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply. Relax every muscle, do not think about anything, imagine that thoughts float past you without touching your mind. If it doesn't work, then focus on some part of your body, such as your right hand or the tip of your finger. Gradually transfer your attention to another part, and so on until you feel completely calm. Feel how everything is filled with silence around, listen to it. Imagine looking at yourself from the outside. There should be light and a ringing void inside your head. Imagine that you are taking off upward, go up until it becomes difficult. Feel what emotions and thoughts you have, and then fill them with streams of light. Imagine that the memory of all evil and bad is destroyed by these streams, light penetrates into all the cells of your body. Feel the light emanating from your head. Now direct this light to your body, which you have been watching from the sidelines all this time. Imagine how it fills the body from the back of the head and below, goes down to the chest, arms, stomach, legs, to your feet.

You must fill every millimeter of the body. Listen to yourself if you feel uncomfortable. If some area responds with unpleasant sensations, focus on it, imagine that the light burns out everything evil and bad. As soon as you feel that the light is at the tips of your toes, release it and let it go into the Earth. Follow it in your mind's eye as it goes through all the floors or the floor, goes down, reaches the very center of the earth. Feel the waves of earth energy resonating in your heart. Tell the Earth that you love her, imagine that love emanates from your heart with luminous rays and penetrates into the center of the Earth. Say these words in your mind and listen to how the Earth responds to you. Her vibrations should merge with your love. Absorb the love of Mother Earth, imagine yourself being filled to the brim with it. Once filled, breathe in all that surrounds you, all the positive flows that you feel. Then breathe out that which has not merged with you. Imagine a tunnel in front of you, glowing with a golden soft light. It leads to the core. Approach him, constantly listening to your feelings, and if you feel fear, ask your Guardian Angel to accompany you. Go down, imagine that the light of the Earth's energies in the tunnel is getting brighter, you are getting warmer and hotter. Remember to listen to your heart and listen to the sensations. Imagine that far ahead you see a bright flash, which, like the Sun, is blinding and warming. Imagine that Mother Earth herself and the Guardian Angel are nearby. Take their hands, trust them. If you're scared, ask them for protection. Imagine going down to your heart, calming it down, seeing how a ray of golden love light grows from it. Direct it to where you feel discomfort, to the places that need to be healed. Visualize fears and pain, and direct the beam at them. See how he healed you completely. Now imagine Mother Earth opening the door and you, holding hands, walk into a spacious hall filled with people waiting for you to appear. Talk to these people, for what you know and what you don’t know. Ask them what worries them during life, listen to what they tell you, do not rush anywhere. Now imagine how all people joined hands, and you, too, are with them. Send each of them a particle of your love in the form of a ray from heart to heart. Send them the light of love until they thank you for your healing.

The whole family should become bright, find happiness. Thank them for accepting your love and saying goodbye. Take the hands of Mother Earth and the Guardian Angel, leave the hall, go to the next room. There are even more people there. Tell them that you want to help them and imagine how you stand up in a corridor of people, at the beginning of which there is an Angel, and at the end Mother Earth. Imagine that the Angel takes the first person by the hand and leads through the corridor, and everyone touches him and says that he loves him. This is how the whole race must go through healing, and Mother Earth herself is healed with them, because she is worried about the pains and experiences of all people. When all people are healed, look at Mother Earth who sighs with joy. Feel how you feel good, how you feel relief, love. Take the hands of the angel and Mother Earth and walk up the tunnel. She will accompany you and stay, imagine sending her love goodbye.

Take a deep breath, wiggle your fingertips, and open your eyes. Thank everyone who was with you and Mother Earth, as well as yourself. Now the healing love of the Earth itself will be with you!


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