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Meditation in the morning for a good day

START YOUR DAY WITH MEDITATION... keep your balance and positive attitude, focus on what matters, relieve stress and tension, and boost your energy levels. Sometimes I wonder - what is the most important practice for me? What practice keeps me going every day and allows me to be myself? Each person has his own practices, his own systems, his own rituals. Some need nature and walks to maintain their energy and balance.

Some people like solitude to be themselves. Some do yoga or qigong to recharge their batteries. And some turn to chocolate, coffee, or even smoking and alcohol to cope with stress and fatigue. For me, the most important practice is my morning meditation. And it's not just meditation. It's a 6-step meditation that allows me to achieve all of these goals in 15 minutes—keep balance and positivity, focus on what's important, relieve stress and tension, and boost my energy levels.

ATTENTION, if you have never meditated in your life, it does not matter - it is very simple.

(1) Prepare for Meditation Set aside 15 minutes of your time; make sure no one disturbs you; make yourself comfortable. You can dim the lights or even light candles.

(2) Ideal posture for meditation It is better to meditate while sitting (lying down can make you fall asleep). Sit comfortably, remove all objects from your hands, let your back rest against the back of a chair, or a wall. You can place your feet flat on the floor (it's better to take off your heels or uncomfortable shoes), or cross your legs if you're sitting on the floor.

(3) Meditation Turn on the tape, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out, relax and just follow my voice. Try this meditation this morning. And if you like it, do it for 7 days every morning. Pay attention to how your days will unfold, how this week will go, and how your life will begin to change. And then share with me your impressions and results.

So, this meditation consists of 6 steps:

Step 1: Unity The purpose of this step is to feel unity with everything that exists on the planet, with all people, with all living and even non-living world. This is the passive phase of meditation when I turn my mind inward. I focus on my breathing, feel my body, feel the space around me, expand my consciousness as far as possible, embracing the entire Universe and feeling like a part of this Universe. An integral part, one with everything that exists in the universe.

Step 2: Gratitude The purpose of this step is to feel gratitude for what you have in life, whether it's something big or something very small. I just remember all the good things that happened to me in the last 24 hours: at home or at work; communicating with family, friends and colleagues; my achievements, successes and good luck. It is very important not to skimp on gratitude - try to remember 7-10 things for which you can be grateful

. Step 3: Love and Forgiveness The purpose of this step is to forgive all grievances that may have accumulated during the day, and express love to relatives, friends or just acquaintances. If I have conflicts with people or unpleasant situations in the last 24 hours, this is a good time to forgive these people and let go of these situations. Also, I apologize for the insults that I caused myself. Then I send love to all the people in my life: my closest people, my family, my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, clients, all people on Earth.

Step 4: Intention for the Day The purpose of this step is to set yourself up for a good day by playing your ideal scenario in your head. I imagine the events of the day ahead, from the very morning until the moment I go to bed again. The main thing is to tune in correctly, to imagine this day the way I want it to be. I remember all the important events and moments that await me ahead. I think about how I will spend time with my family and friends. I imagine with a sense of satisfaction and joy I will go to bed.

Step 5: Life Purpose: The purpose of this step is not to lose sight of your most important goal, life mission, purpose. And it does not matter if you have not yet decided what your purpose is. You need to think about the biggest, most important, most global goal that you have at this moment. After all, this goal is your beacon in life and you must always keep heading for this light.

Step 6: Blessing This is my favorite and most important step of the entire meditation. His goal is to let all desires and dreams float freely, realizing that everything will turn out exactly as it should be. I admit that I am a part of a higher power, God, the Universe, which means that this higher power is on my side. She supports me. This step relieves me of fears, doubts and worries. It gives me confidence and strength.

Try to do it every morning for 7 days, or better for a whole month. See how your life will change


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