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I invite everyone to self-medicate with the help of the unique “Rainbow” meditation to restore chakras and bodies.

The treatment proceeds by filling all the chakras with flowers. We have the main chakras 7. After passing all seven, if you wish, you can fill yourself with other colors - gold, silver, pink, etc. The practice has passed the tests, the results are amazing - the restoration of bodies, chakras, cocoons, getting rid of blocks, damage, improving well-being, etc.

You can also fill your relatives and friends with these flowers. Naturally, with their consent, or at least turn to their Higher Self and ask permission to work. If the Higher Self has given good, you will feel warmth in your chest.

At the same time I put phantoms of people with me and activated the color I needed for everyone. Included in the reservation all at once. For example, “I activate the color for myself, for Maria, John, & Amy. Please fill us all in. Remove all of us ... ”In this case, I make sure that the phantoms of other people return to their owners in 2-3 hours. Maximum - a day.

The color sequence is shown below. 1. color red 2. color orange 3. color yellow 4. color green 5. color blue 6. color blue 7. color purple

You need to fill it with one color until the body says “Enough”. And this will surely come. It takes about a week for one color. Then we move on to the next color.

Relax and say: “I activate red. Please fill me to infinity, all my bodies, all of which I am at all levels, layers, lives, worlds. I ask you to completely burn out, cleanse, remove all foreign, unnecessary, all sources of diseases and diseases themselves, all sources of negativity and all negativity, all blocks and negative programs.

I ask you to fill with power all (all) of me and all of which I am made. I ask you to activate and spin the chakras in the right direction. I ask you to heal anything that needs healing. I ask you to restore everything that needs restoration. Let it be so!"

The clause is conditional, you can add what you think is necessary, but it is not recommended to remove the items.

After the reservation, imagine that the desired color fills you indefinitely. By time - as much as you see fit. I was breaking very badly, I had chronic sores, it was very relaxing. So before going outside or before work, it is better to refrain from this practice. The best time is before bedtime (you will sleep better!)

If you do not have time to sit and fill, just stipulate the text, imagine the color you need a little bit and go about your business. This will work too, but slower. After all the colors have completely passed, sometimes (once every 2-3 weeks) activate all the colors sequentially. Those. imagine filling yourself with red, then orange, then yellow. And so on until the end.

If there is a lack of some color in your energy, just stay in the right color for longer. If after a completely completed practice of the past there is a lot of time, then it is better to repeat all over again - this will restore your energy.

After such cleansing and restoration of chakras and bodies, you will be fully restored, cheerful, purposeful, your health will begin to recover, and you will look at the world around you in a new way.


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