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People have long believed in the magical properties of stones, using their power to attract love, strengthen relationships, heal broken hearts, and protect family happiness. The natural vibrations of minerals help control everything from watches to computers, and they are great for making changes to your own energy field and personal life.

Choose a crystal that resonates with you and you will be able to attract the very best emotions of love into your life.

How to choose your stone to attract love? What is the best crystal to attract love? Some stones are more suitable for finding love, encouraging falling in love, and making you irresistible to a suitor. Others will promote desire, sexuality, marriage, and marital happiness. Finally, third stones will play a protective and healing role in order to keep calm and the quality of dialogue within a couple, or even heal emotional wounds. When choosing jewelry with stones to attract love, you need to focus on the desired goal, as well as on your inner feelings. There are no stones that guarantee everyone a 100% successful date, as well as those that will definitely scare away a partner who is interested in you, a lot depends on how a particular stone is right for you.

The best stones to attract love! Each crystal emits a different vibration or frequency. Here are the most popular stones that people have been using to improve their love lives for centuries.

Ruby: A stone of confidence, strength, devotion, and integrity, the ruby is a great stone to wear when you want to create a solid foundation for your current relationship and enhance and deepen the relationship between you and your partner. Ruby is also associated with romantic love, passion, and resilience.

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz is the most powerful of all love crystals. It creates a gentle vibration that mends damaged bonds between people. It is one of the best all-purpose stones that can be used to make the heart more receptive to giving and receiving love, from tender affection to passionate romance.

Malachite: Like rose quartz, malachite is associated with the heart chakra and can help bring passions and desires to life. Malachite can be used to get rid of past suffering, heartache, and betrayal. If you tune in to the healing energy of malachite, your wounded heart will begin to heal and you will also begin to open up to new relationships and possibilities.

Morganite: A stone of divine love, this peach-pink mineral activates the heart chakra. It helps attract new love and abundance and supports you on your path to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Wear morganite to feel peace, and unconditional universal love, attract new relationships or rekindle and rekindle old passions.

Pomegranate: Do you want to be warm in the bedroom? Garnet is a stone that ignites passion and attraction. It's good to use if you want to spice up your current relationship. It is a great stone for intimacy and can increase sex drive and stimulate passion and romance. By endowing you with this passionate attraction, he draws attention to you.

Moonstone: Moonstone, a fertility stone, radiates feminine energy that helps balance emotions and stays calm in difficult situations. Moonstone can also help you come to terms with emotional patterns, identify them, and change them in order to save your relationship.

Hematite: This is a root chakra stone that doesn't really radiate a warm and loving vibration as most love stones do. But love and dating is often quite difficult, and if you are ready to search for your soul mate, you will need a stone that will give you strength, give you the extra push and energy you need to maintain a sense of stability.

Rhodonite: The pink and black layers of this stone, called the stone of forgiveness, serve as a constant reminder that love does not come without heartache. Rhodonite helps to gently get rid of suffering in painful relationships, feelings of anger, pain, resentment, and resentment, bringing loving, forgiving energy and inspiring the search for a new romance.

Green Aventurine: If you want to attract new love into your life, this stone of luck and abundance will give you the confidence you need to achieve what you want in life. The heart chakra stone, green aventurine, will help you get through the ups and downs of new relationships and will strengthen them to maturity. Read more about the magical properties of aventurine for women in our article.

Emerald: A lucky stone, the Emerald is a great stone for couples, no matter how many years they have been married. Emerald promotes romantic love and fidelity, which are important elements of a long-term relationship. Its balancing energies encourage both partners to forgive, take responsibility, apologize when needed, and love unconditionally. Stones for marriage and attracting attention To attract the attention of the opposite sex, you must first love yourself. And the following minerals will help with this.

Kunzite: Wearing kunzite will help overcome feelings of inferiority and self-doubt, especially when it comes to earning true love. It will bring peace, gently enabling you to find compassion, harmony, and inner peace in your life, to see yourself in a new light that will help you attract and find true love. We wrote more about the magical properties of kunzite in a separate article.


A stone of success and confidence, citrine is not identified as a love stone, but its high positive vibrational energy gives you the self-confidence you need to gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself in order to feel worthy of love. Once you learn to love and truly appreciate yourself, you will be able to open up to receive love.

Rhodochrosite: The heart chakra stone, Rhodochrosite, will bring out repressed feelings and emotions, allowing you to recognize and release this energy for self-healing and regaining self-confidence. It helps to understand that although nothing is perfect and we all have problems, we all deserve love and happiness and that the only way to attract love is to accept and love yourself.

Stones of fidelity and strengthening of love?

Maintaining a relationship is no easy task either, and the amazing energy of these minerals can help:

Turquoise: If you want to build relationships based on cooperation and acceptance, Turquoise is the stone for you. Turquoise encourages you to remain calm and reserved when things are heating up, so you can focus on solving a problem and come to a compromise while respecting the other person's opinion, encouraging openness, which is important in any relationship to stand the test of time.

Lapis lazuli: A stone of communication, lapis lazuli is a great choice for enhancing and strengthening your relationships. It can help you communicate confidently, actively listen, and at the same time evoke empathy, which is important for strengthening and maintaining any relationship. It brings positivity and loyalty and strengthens any relationship, romantic or platonic. Stones that protect against betrayal: pearls, ruby, sapphire, topaz, sardonyx, and crystal. Stones that keep from jealousy: topaz, tiger's eye, alexandrite.

Stones that will help save relationships that are on the verge of breaking When everything goes wrong or there are certain problems, the stones can help save the family and bring back the old feelings:

Pearl: Pearls are associated with the Moon and hence are considered a symbol of purity, tenderness, beauty, compassion, security, and love. If you have problems in family life, if the husband and wife do not live together, or if there is tension in your personal life, wearing pearls will help to establish contact.

Yellow Jasper: This stone symbolizes cooperation and unification. It teaches us honesty and gives us the courage we need to change and transform our thinking to solve problems together, allowing us to strengthen and heal relationships. When relationships get too complicated and confusing, yellow jasper is great for bringing clarity.

Green jade: Struggling to restore warmth and trust in your current relationship? Jade is a strong love crystal that helps rekindle love. When the fire in a relationship has died down and the connection seems to have weakened or disappeared altogether, jade will bring the vibrations of new love to renew old relationships.


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