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Love stones for men:

For many men, attracting love is difficult. The following stones can help open emotions and open the heart, fix relationships and find happiness:

Malachite This stone has a very wise masculine energy that can help you recognize inappropriate partner behaviors and break negative relationship habits so you can become more emotional and learn to give and receive love. Turquoise Turquoise is on the list of the most powerful blue gemstones and helps to calm the body, mind, and soul. Turquoise stones are healing gems that will help balance emotions and promote spiritual grounding. Turquoise healing bracelets are often used in pairs for a more even relationship. Yellow sapphire Yellow sapphire symbolizes Jupiter, the planet for the husband, so it brings happiness to family life. Wearing this stone neutralizes disputes in family life and promotes early marriage. Yellow sapphire can be worn by anyone who is looking for a suitable life partner.

Selection of a stone to attract love according to the zodiac: If you want to find love or fully enjoy the romantic relationship you already have, learn about your personal love stone that matches your zodiac sign.

Aries: ruby. This gem can attract someone who can handle your energy and passion, your pace, and your emotional storms. Rubies attract passion and love and add balance to marriage and relationships.

Taurus: red tiger eye. This stone matches your earthy sensuality and will attract a partner who will admire your passion. And since you don't tend to share, it will surely attract those who will devote themselves to you and only you.

Gemini : watermelon tourmaline . Geminis are known for their dual nature, and of course, even your love stone shows some of that duality. Wear this stone to attract a partner who is capable of loving you on all levels.

Cancer: pink calcite. The restless emotional depth of Cancer requires one important thing in love - security and confidence in a partner. Wear pink calcite to attract faithful lovers who will succumb to your gentle charms.

Leo: pomegranate. Leos know how to love a lot, but they must be at the center of the relationship. Luxurious and powerful, pomegranates can attract the kind of partner who can lure you into the love, attention, and lifestyle you know you deserve.

Virgo: rhodonite. Your fear of the unknown and the uncontrollable can make you hold back your emotions, which can confuse your partner. Rhodonite will not only calm you down but also ignite the fire of love, help you open up, and express yourself in the most vivid feelings.

Libra: fire opal. Libras love the idea of love, and they crave silver screen-worthy romance. This sign is not adapted to the everyday realities of everyday relationships. Your love stone should be as intoxicating and magnetic as you are.

Scorpio : Rhodochrosite. This stone of love eliminates the sting of the scorpion in relationships and gives a sense of balance. Use it to attract a partner who can stand up to your crushing inner strength and possessiveness.

Sagittarius : red aventurine. The adventurous Sagittarius is never satisfied with what they have and always strives for the best. Radiant aventurine will attract a soul mate to you who will enjoy life on the same level as you.

Capricorn: red jasper. Garnet may be your life stone, but red jasper is your love stone. It attracts the energy of romance and fidelity and helps to involve only worthy faithful partners in your love game.

Aquarius: pink amethyst. It will help you attract someone who can appreciate your unique character and is not afraid to be yourself. What is needed for a sign that does not always have sufficient insight and needs understanding and support?

Pisces: pink opal. Vulnerable and often insecure Pisces with the help of pink opal will attract a partner who will care about your feelings. This stone will help you release past disappointments and learn to love yourself.

Actual: Year of the Tiger: mascot stones of 2022 for women and men!

How to wear stones to attract love? You can choose different ways to incorporate love crystal into your daily life:

● carry the stone of love with you on dates;

● place it in the bedroom while you sleep or put it under your pillow;

● put a stone next to you while meditating on attracting love;

● place a stone next to your computer for your online profile dating site;

● take a bath with a crystal;

● put stones on a chain so that they are located closer to the heart chakra;

● place the stone next to a photo of you and your partner.

As you get deeper into resonance with the vibration of your love stone, you will begin to see and feel your love life improve in amazing ways.

How to Care for a Love Stone: Cleaning and Activating the Stone? Before you can begin to use the love crystal, it must be cleared and programmed with intent. The main ways to clean the stone from someone else's energy and negativity :

Water - place the crystal in a spring or salt water overnight.

● Brown Rice - Place the crystal in the rice overnight. It will absorb any energy.

Sound - Use a singing bowl or crystal pyramid to clear the vibrations of your stone.

Earth - bury the crystal in the ground at night, mark the place and pick it up in the morning.

Fumigation - hold the stone in the smoke of sage or incense, Five minutes will be enough. We charge the stone with a new energy: Light - place the crystal in moonlight or sunlight to charge. If you want to energize the stone or lift your spirits, choose sunlight. Whether you want to make a change, balance the chakras, or activate a spiritual transformation, place the stone in the moonlight.

Intent - hold the crystal in your hands and direct your energy or intention into the stone.

Love Stone Activation: With what intention are you going to use the stone? Assign a goal to the crystal, whether it be emotional healing, love, release from past relationships, stabilization of family life, inciting passion, receiving an offer, etc. Hold the stone in your hand or press it to your heart and say the intention in a free form and with faith in the best relations.

Stones dangerous for love: Superstitions mention stones that are “considered” unsuitable for attracting and maintaining love, but there are no justifications or statistics for this, especially since opinions in different cultures can be diametrically opposed. And yet, here's what you can focus on:

Pearls- should not be used in an engagement or wedding ring or worn to a wedding, as it is believed that it symbolizes tears.

Jade- is a stone for introverts and is considered unsuitable for unmarried girls who are looking for a relationship.

Opal- is often called the stone of tears, although in the East it is a symbol of good luck.

Diamonds- with black inclusions are also not the best option for a love talisman.

● Yellow jadeite -is a stone of unrequited, unrequited, joyless love.

Hyacinth - prevents conception, and brings loneliness and unhappiness in love.

You must understand: that there are no uniquely negative stones that bring bad luck in a relationship. There are only stones that are suitable or not suitable for a particular person, so you need to focus on choosing only personal feelings. Whether you're looking for a new spark, want to heal past relationship trauma, or want to maintain a long-term relationship, the love crystals above are the best you can use. The stones will help open your heart, balance your own energies, and serve as a constant reminder to be a better person to give and receive love.


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