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The Effect of Color on a Person's Mood

Much literature has been written about the effect of color on humans. The main method of healing is work with consciousness. This work can only be replaced by active, hard, daily physical labor with discipline, optimism and obedience. Since we get two effective methods of working with ourselves and our lives, it is easy to choose what is easier for you - to walk along that path. All other practices give temporary results if they do not contain the main method - the key - of working with consciousness. We need to know very little about flowers.This will help us in work, in relationships. At different periods of his life, a person has one or another preference in the color of clothes, interior, etc.

Most likely, you have noticed it yourself. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that people on a subconscious level strive for tones that correspond to their mood, help to recharge their batteries and get rid of the disease. Color has a particularly strong effect on the fair sex. Women have more developed visual receptors responsible for color perception than men. Therefore, different tones affect their emotions in different ways. Colors can excite the nervous system or calm it down. They can inspire or relax, help you fall asleep faster, or vice versa, activate the nervous system. Each of the colors stimulates different areas of the brain that are responsible for different functions. Colors can make an optimist out of a pessimist and vice versa if they are constantly in the appropriate rooms. Thus, even the character of a person can be influenced. Science and medicine are moving forward by leaps and bounds, and we can still see a red thread tying a sore joint. Today, all these methods cause a smile, but still it is impossible to exclude the influence of color on a person. The human psyche, his perception of the surrounding reality and mood - these are the areas where color therapy has received real recognition. The first information about the influence of color on the human psyche comes to us from ancient China, India and Egypt. During excavations in Egypt, special rooms were discovered where, according to scientists, color therapy sessions were held. Doctors of those times knew that the blue color has a calming effect on the human psyche, so a highly excited person was placed in a room where the color of the desired color prevailed. It is impossible to deny the influence on the mood of certain colors of clothing, interior. One color can relax, soothe, inspire. Another color inspires panic or annoyance. This is due to the fact that different colors are able to stimulate different parts of the brain and the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production of hormones that regulate metabolism, sleep, appetite, sexual desire and emotional stability. Therefore, we are very dependent on the colors in which we are surrounded. If even an incorrigible optimist is placed for a long time in a room in which there is not a single bright detail, but only gray and black tones, his mood will inevitably become depressed.

How do different colors affect the state and psyche of a person? Consider the most common colors.


White color is a symbol of purity, wisdom, Divine presence. Therefore, any animal or bird of white color, seen by chance, is a good sign, approval for you. It is a symbol of purity, truth, innocence and the Higher Divine powers. It creates solemnity, provides moral support, gives a boost of energy and brings peace. White color helps to improve the condition in cloudy weather, maintains skin moisture, and participates in the endocrine system. It helps to cope with emotions, creates sophistication and elegance. This color plays an important role in color therapy. White helps to remove negative energies and tune in to pure consciousness. It helps to expand the consciousness and purify it. It has a pronounced antimicrobial effect. At the same time, an excess of white in the room can have a bad effect on labor activity, it can give a feeling of disappointment and devastation. Color works strongly with a person: it dilutes energies, carries a life-giving stream, protects from negative vibrations, helps to tune in to God. It is not recommended to paint the walls inside the house white. Life is full of small and sometimes big mistakes. They will be shown on the white wall inside the apartment as patches of dirt. But the outer walls of the house can be painted white or trimmed with materials of this color. Clothes, white handkerchiefs, scarves, handkerchiefs, underwear are very good white. White linen and a dress should be worn by the bride.


Yellow is the energy of knowledge, learning. Yellow is good for home, clothing in limited quantities. Who has apathy, no willpower - you need to look at a large yellow spot, a composition of yellow warm tones. Yellow color in clothes is loved by people overwhelmed with complexes. If a child draws a lot with a yellow pencil, this indicates increased anxiety, that he is being infringed at home. Yellow stimulates the appetite. The manipura chakra associated with digestion is also yellow in color. If you have stomach or digestive problems, eat from yellow dishes. This color tones the nervous system and activates mental abilities. Good for designing student rooms.

Yellow color symbolizes joy and warmth, well-being and prosperity. It helps to go through difficulties, gives clarity of thought. Yellow helps in cleansing the body and getting rid of toxins. Promotes renewal and rejuvenation of the body. It stimulates memory, has a beneficial effect on creativity. At different periods of his life, a person has one or another preference in the color of clothes, interior, etc. Most likely, you have noticed it yourself. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that people on a subconscious level strive for tones that correspond to their mood, help to recharge their batteries and get rid of the disease.


Blue color calms the nervous system, brain, muscles. This is energy, the color of Divine power, Divine Spirit. What is the strength? In spirit. This is the color of male, positive (male energy is all positive) energy. This is the only one! color that has no contraindications. This is the only color that can heal everyone and everything without exception. Blue is peace and spirituality. This is peace and tranquility, lightness and coolness. This color reduces emotional stress, nervous tension and gives a feeling of freshness. It calms breathing, lowers blood pressure and reduces muscle tension. A large amount of blue creates a feeling of cold. In the office, of course, this color will not work, as everyone will be too calm. And in the kitchen, in the bedroom, if there are other bright colors, it is very good. If you feel great with pure blue, without accents of another color - very good - you can leave it in the kitchen. In the bedroom, you still need to have something incendiary in order for the relationship to be dynamic. blue Blue is the color of wisdom and faith. Works soothingly. A color that I often check people with. Material people, devoid of spirituality, do not like the blue color or are indifferent to it. Blue is good for calming nervous children and adults. Lighted blue candles have a very good effect on a person. If a child draws his parents in blue or light blue, it means that he is safe, comfortable with his parents. And blue also protects secrets. It is considered a symbol of the birth of the world. This color helps to reach a new level of perception and has a calming effect. It gives access to new worlds. The third eye chakra is blue. This is the chakra of intuition and access to information fields.

Blue color helps the endocrine system, is used in the treatment of the spine, spinal cord, diseases of the thyroid gland, kidneys and eyes. Helps to cope with insomnia and headaches. An excess of blue can lead to intransigence, misunderstanding of the situation, conservatism and fatalism.


Violet color - the energy of compassion, affection, unity, forgiveness, understanding. When a person lacks this, he likes to paint with this color. When a person is ripe for such feelings, he is attracted to purple in clothes for himself. It is not recommended to use color in large volumes. That is, if you want curtains of a similar color, then it is better to dilute purple to amethyst, lilac, light lilac. If you see the upper chakra, then in a harmonious version it is exactly amethyst. It is the color of wealth and luxury. On a subtle plane, it personifies spirituality, mysticism, creativity. Purple color helps to cope with doubts and fears. This color is used by highly spiritual people. It helps to gain power over your life, expands consciousness, gives inspiration, enhances intuition. If a person has a strong spirit, this color will help him. This color helps with diseases of the central nervous system, skin diseases, reduces the frequency of heart contractions, and has a beneficial effect on the immune system. A large amount of purple can cause a feeling of heaviness and sadness, and depression can also occur.


Red is a symbol of power and aggression. The people who use it in advertising are well aware of how this symbol will work. How do we react to red? How do we react to a symbol of power? We want to conquer the strongest for ourselves. This is instinct. The leading telephone network has an excellent bait for the people: Red is a symbol of overwhelming power and white is a symbol of purity, and even an egg is a symbol of emerging life, a symbol of strength and rebirth. This advertising affects all people in the same way: there is a natural desire to use the services of this network. Red in clothes declares in the same way as advertising: I am a cool creature, I am the first and only. Red color increases activity, has an exciting property. This is a warm color that creates a feeling of warmth, activates metabolism, increases blood pressure, and stimulates the brain. However, an excess of red or its prolonged action, after activation and excitement, begins to depress, irritate the nervous system and leads to fatigue. Especially quickly this color causes irritation in children.

On the one hand, it is the color of life and fire, on the other hand, it is an aspect of pride and selfishness. It is a symbol of courage and victory, struggle and cruelty. This is an animal color. Therefore, the muladhara chakra is red in color. After all, she is responsible for the animal qualities of a person. Irritable and angry people are not recommended red. And now the secret . Red is instability and aggression, and, very insecure people standing on the ground declare themselves with this color. That is, a woman dressed in red has a big problem with self-esteem and she clearly does not have so much energy to truly be a leader, so she tries to get it with color. Another very interesting observation: a woman who adorns herself with red accessories or clothes is aggressive towards a man and at the same time does not have the opportunity to actively communicate with him, but tries her best to find this opportunity, having found it, pushes her away again. Here is such an interesting lady in a red skirt. By the way! I remember this thing now! I went to further education in 2008. And among the students there was a unique lady of about 40 years old. When she found out that a group of people had come from Krasnodar, her reaction was: “What? .. you have there, in Krasnodar. Are there no good teachers? Considering that this was the first thing we heard from her, then in general the attitude and impression is already taking shape. One man decided not to record everything, but turned on the recorder. The lady again reacted: "These men ... What would they not do, if only not to write." She also said the following phrase: “We were with our daughters in Rostov. Big village.” At this point, I laughed outright. Especially it could be said to her, living in a city where there is not even a sewerage system. I liked her words so much that I decided to write them down. To clearly see the type. All this lady gave out in less than a day. So. She complained to the Teacher that she could not make out the image in any way: she saw her big, big head while working. Of course, you guessed what that means. The lady came on the second day in a red skirt, in a red jacket, with red earrings, a red ring. I like it. Pure type. Very pure without impurities. No spirituality, mind, materialism, calculation, only aggression, unstable position, denial of men, desire for them and a feeling of defenselessness. Have I explained well the nature of a person who loves a lot of red in clothes? A company that declares itself with the same advertisement does not have as many forces and reserves that it claims to have. (I wrote in 2009 and we have already seen the veracity of these words. By the way, in some places since 2009 they began to repaint the walls of branches, remove excess red).

Red is good in small quantities. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the office. Almost everywhere. If a child draws something in red, this is the color of aggression, the color of the problem that comes from aggression. If the child draws you a red face or a strongly red mouth, highlighted, this means that you should think about what and how you say to the child.


Orange color is a symbol of real power, firmness, confidence. If a person puts on orange things, he is confident enough in himself. It has something like steel notes. If a child is drawn to orange things, this indicates the unusual fate of the child, his special spiritual merits. Orange is the color of support, stability, reliability, a symbol of true power. But in order for you to feel comfortable within the walls of such a house or office, you should also acquire such traits as reliability, the ability to work, the desire to work on yourself, or at least the ability to ask yourself. Then everything will be in harmony. It is the color of joy and fun. It creates a good mood, destroys barriers and gives freedom of action. It has a good effect on concentration. Its qualities are similar to the color red, but with no irritating effects. It is a symbol of courage and adventure, creates a feeling of warmth. Orange color helps to restore broken connections in the body. It is useful to use in diseases of the bones, tendons and joints. It has the ability to restore hormonal balance and cause a feeling of euphoria. In excess, the orange color can cause irritation. Orange, however, is a complex color. As a medal has two sides, as too long dignity turns into a disadvantage, so for a dishonorable person this color will mean exactly the opposite. Interestingly, some sources believe that orange symbolizes Divine love in the human soul. In addition, orange is a symbol of a lasting marriage. And at the same time it is the color of hypocrisy, lies, betrayal. Red-haired people, as a rule, are also either infinitely pure or just as subtly insidious and vicious. Therefore, the red-haired do not judge quickly. He usually doesn't even know himself. Definitely seeing a red-haired man in a dream - to treason, betrayal. False occasionally also happens to be orange. What you can definitely be sure of here is that the owner of orange has huge reserves of sexual energy + desire for sexual satisfaction + desire for the natural process of reproduction of their offspring. And only the spiritual and cultural growth of a person will show at what level of orange he is. The study of color is in that order among sorcerers: White, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Violet, Red, Orange. There are reasons for this, and I will reveal one of them. Orange matches purple.

Largely. But between them is red. The rest is your own mind. Well, if anyone is lucky with the Teacher, other reasons will be revealed. By the way. For a sense of stability, it is very useful to stick an orange and gold leaf in a prominent place at work or at home. It greatly contributes to the expansion of the scope of its application.


Brown. It is possible that someone will say that brown is soothing and all that. And it is so useful that it has already been directly checked-rechecked. So. This is the most unfavorable color. Most. Adverse. If you don't have problems, he will give them to you. If there is, it will root harder. It blocks everything that can be blocked. If a person wears a clear brown robe, then he is so depressed that he does not even see a way out and does not see that he is depressed. Brown regular and brown dark are not much different from each other. And if your child draws in brown, this is not even a signal that is drawn in red. This is a problem that has already been formed, planted deep in the subconscious of the child. Don't wear brown. Refinish brown furniture. And don't light brown candles. Brown is good only for coffins. And it will accurately reflect the situation. By the way, the color of chocolate is brown. Disintegration, blocking of all energies. I had to observe that some people not only do not like, but hate brown. However, if you remember, then most of the brown-haters had enough problems. Probably intuitively did not want to aggravate them. Brown is associated with humility, reconciliation, not in the best sense, in the sense of hopelessness, fate. It is the color of stability, confidence, creates a sense of security. Has a calming effect. It is shown to nervous and restless people. It is used in the treatment of mental illness. An excess of brown can lead to melancholy, sadness and depression. black Now it's time to get into black . Black, like white, contains more than you can see and understand. And you will never comprehend everything that can come under the influence of black. Black is emotions, this is birth, these are feelings in their initial stage, these are seeds, this is sensuality. Sometimes even some beginners in magic, considering the human field, perceive the black color as damage, black magic against the patient. And this is not so at all. Black is the color of life. The color of the beginning of certain events, emotions, the color of the birth of something. And this color very quickly turns into another, since what was born has certain directions, values, sensations, emotions. And at the same time, black is withdrawal into oneself. Deep. Therefore, there is a rejection of the outside world, its rejection. This is an ambiguous color. It symbolizes impurity, death, transition to another world, sadness, secrecy, it is a symbol of mystery. At the same time, it calms and reduces stress. It is a symbol of great potential and strength.


Black color is often loved by people who are irreconcilable to external circumstances, who have a lot of information and hide it. This color combines calm and storm. In combination with other colors, black reveals various properties. Black underwear attracts diseases and problems in fate, creates an imbalance of energy centers (since it does not match their colors). It is also not recommended to wear black clothes except for business meetings, where it helps to concentrate.


Green is the only color! that does not give side effects in the form of hypertonicity, tingling, despondency, an urgent problem before the eyes, no harmful side effects at all. Green, unless it is poisonous, always works equally well on all people, of any age, status, in any physical condition. Green is our protection, harmonization, health, self-confidence. Maybe that's why we like green grass so much. It is a symbol of harmony, tranquility and balance, helping to tune in to nature. Anahata chakra is green. This color symbolizes love and unity. It is used in healing. At the physical level, it dilates blood vessels, helps to lower blood pressure, is used for liver disease, reduces headaches, and has analgesic properties. Green color has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps with insomnia, has a good effect on concentration, and gives rest to the mind. Sometimes dark shades of green can lead to depression. Man instinctively reaches for the color green. And here it is very important to be able to consider the drawings of an adult or a child. What does an adult wear? How does he decorate his home? What patterns he draws for himself, what kind of desktop. The more often a person uses green in everyday life, the more harmonious it is. Usually, any law operates from both ends. Use green more often and you will feel how harmony enters life deeper and deeper. How spontaneously the decision came to rearrange the furniture and it turned out to be very convenient and comfortable and you think why I didn’t think of putting it up like that before. And this is already a feeling of harmony and disharmony.

Gradually, harmony will crowd out everything else. The main thing is not to disturb the harmony with harsh sounds and ugly words and emotions. And you should also remember that in the west, north and north-west of your apartment, house, summer cottage, green will definitely be superfluous. In the office, green will be appropriate in the form of a single wall or a large picture in green tones. And this color has nothing to do with money. When they tell me that they see the egregor of money as green, I believe. I believe they see it that way. But as long as they see like this, they are unlikely to get a real view of the energies. And this means that these people cannot diagnose, treat, or make corrections. Money has energy of a very, very different color. Definitely not green. Only once! I heard a person's opinion about the color of money and this opinion coincides with the knowledge that I have. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to get to know that person, let alone communicate. It’s just that one of his conclusions was retold to me by a person who spoke with him. And no one ever told me again that it looks like this. It's a pity - it looks like self-hypnosis, when the vast majority see a tomato instead of a cucumber. Or similar to the “naked king” fairy tale - no one wants to look like a fool, so everyone says: “oh yes!, beautiful fabric! Great outfit!" Let's dwell on the purity of the green color and never assume that green pieces of paper add money. Vice versa. In vain did the Americans paint their dollar green. Now, if they repaint their dollar, then their country will not only rise, but their mentality will also change to a higher one.


Grey colour. Have you seen the walls of the FSB building? It. Saturn gives us gray color. It is limitation, discipline, seriousness. If you want your child to immerse himself, buy him outerwear in gray. To say that it is harmful or useful is impossible to unequivocally. Sometimes this is helpful. When a child withdraws into himself, it is definitely harmful. If something oppresses you, crushes, if boredom overcomes, then all the gray is removed. They wear yellow, they eat oranges cut into circles. Gray oppresses and shows oppression. If you are given a thing wrapped in gray, or a postcard with a pronounced gray element, this means that the person treats you with a share of aggression or is tired of experiencing your aggression on himself and wants you to be less than you are now. The person sees that you are now in a more advantageous position and he feels uncomfortable about this. Therefore, he wants you to soften.


Silver color. Silver is chosen by people who love order. And for them gloss is order. As a rule, these people are decent and hardworking. The silver color itself does not allow anyone to be lazy. He makes you work, invent something, improve it. This color improves, oddly enough, the state of the blue, blue, purple chakras. But the effect must be very mild. That is, if your sofa in the living room has silver legs, then this will be enough. Silver enhances creativity. Therefore, creative people should give a silver pen. By the way, although it looks more modest than golden, the benefits from it are immeasurably greater. Silver is a symbol of human purity. But if there is too much of it, then people will close from each other in such a room. They will hide the truth so as not to break the visible union. Business people who are smart usually like the silver color in small details.


We cannot perceive the golden color , so it is better not to use it at all. Golden can only be assimilated by a person with a pure, beautiful soul. In other cases, it gives rise to posturing and self-confidence. An example of this is gold. Once, not knowing about the properties of color, I really wanted a pen with a golden nib for myself. In one magazine there was a competition: “Letter of the Month” and for it a Parker pen with a gold nib was given. I walked around and thought for days on end: “What would it be like to write in a magazine so that their team would appreciate me and give me a Parker pen. So I didn't think of it. But I looked at the pen and this golden pen as if spellbound: “I want it all.” And now I understand that it is the small golden part of the pen (whether it’s a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen, it doesn’t matter) that allows you to speak beautifully, to be delicate. And since my diplomatic qualities are clearly relegated to the background, I automatically wished for myself healing with the necessary tool. Golden is best avoided in outfits. Exception: occasional small sparkles. If a person has not grown in soul until the moment when golden color causes inner nobility, then golden color will only spoil a person. If someone gives you a gift wrapped in golden paper, this means only two options: the habit of gloss and swagger, or this person is ready to give you a lot. The same applies to gifts with golden details. Be careful. The gold rush may be hidden.

The main flow of each color in a brief description:

1. White - connection with your higher self, with God. 2. Yellow - the energy of information that yearns to become your wisdom, your experience. 3. Blue - male Divine energy with a plus sign.

4. Blue - the energy of understood information, acquired wisdom, Knowledge that has become Yours, the energy of Faith. 5. Violet - the energy of compassion, forgiveness, healing. 6. Red - aggression - hence the uncertainty, the desire to be the very first and the best, the inability to be them, because - look from the beginning and so on in a circle. Like a woman in red: “I want to be with you - get away from me, vile man!” 7. Orange - strength, power, a huge potential for mental and physical energy. 8. Brown - disintegration, decomposition, difficult information that a person could not “digest”, a problem, a complex remained. Only yellow and red can turn brown. 9. Black is emotions, this is birth, these are feelings in their initial stage, these are seeds, this is sensuality. 10. Green - this is our protection, harmonization, health, self-confidence 11. Gray - limitation, discipline, seriousness, the need to keep a secret, isolation. 12. Silver - activity, energy, creativity. 13. Golden - pomposity or altruism (depending on the spiritual level of a person). 14. Peach shade whets the appetite. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, it is advisable not to paint the walls in the kitchen in this shade. Blue reduces appetite and calms the nervous system. If you have one room in the apartment, psychologists recommend painting the sleeping area in this color. 15. Pink color symbolizes naivety, calmness and a happy life. It is a symbol of compassion and disinterestedness, kindness and romance. This color defuses the situation and promotes reconciliation. Excess pink causes fatigue and dissatisfaction.

The influence of color on a person does not play a key role, but it has a rather strong effect on him. Choose colors that are harmonious for you and be happy!


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