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Common Signs that Spirit is Trying to Communicate with You

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

You don't have to be a spirit medium to receive messages from spirit. The truth is that our loved ones that have already crossed over and our spirit guides attempt to communicate with us quite often. Most people receive this communication but process it in various ways. It might come through as a "gut feeling", an unexplainable dream, or as "a sign". Here are a few common ways that spirit communicates with us.

In Your Dreams

We've all had dreams that we can't make sense of. Most of the time, it's just our subconscious mind triggering them. On the other hand, sometimes those dreams are actually direct messages from our spirit guides or loved ones that have already passed away.

Don't discount the meaning of your dreams. If there is a cameo from a dead relative or friend, that is most likely their spirit energy paying you a visit. If you have reoccurring dreams, that could very well be a message from spirit for you to consider or focus on.

In Your Thoughts

Ever have the thought of someone just pop into your mind and have it just stay there for a while? There is a good chance that is spirit! If you get these unshakable thoughts about someone already crossed over, that is a way for them to let you know they are there with you. If the thought is about someone still living, then you should probably connect with them right away. It doesn't necessarily mean something is amiss. Think of it as spirit reminding you to stay connected with those that are most important to your life's journey.

Through Your Sense of Smell

So many of our personal memories are tied to our senses. We tend to remember people and experiences from sensations that we connect with them. If you are ever at home and you suddenly smell a familiar scent that reminds you of your granny, guess what...she's paying a visit! Say "Hi" and let her know you love her and miss her.

By Showing You a Sign

We ask for signs all the time. Occasionally, spirit will provide us with the sign or signal that we need right at that particular moment. Don't worry, when spirit sends you a sign, you will know it. Signs from spirit can be literally anything. If something seems like an unbelievable coincidence, it isn't. It's a sign.

Through Music

Many of us connect songs and music with the people in our lives. Songs played at a loved one's funeral are definitely a lasting connection to that person. When you hear those songs randomly come on the radio or where ever you are, that is that loved one letting you know they are with you. The message is even more clear when you hear that funeral song more than once in a short period of time. That is definitely spirit! There is no other explanation for Sarah McGlaughlin's songs to be played outside of a funeral setting or an ASPCA commercial.

Be Open to the Communication from Spirit

Spirit communicates with us for many reasons. Most of the time, it is just to remind us that we are not alone in our journey. Another common reason that a loved one may send you a message from the other side is to comfort you in a time that you need it. It is important that you are always listening and looking out for this communication from the other side. You might receive some guidance, intuition, or gut feeling that leads you to make an important decision in your life.

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