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What do we spend the most energy on?

Every year the same thing - the sun is shining on the street, the birds are singing, life is in full swing, and people around them complain of depression and a complete lack of vitality. I think that any person has a critical moment. When in the morning you feel unwell, tired, without making even the slightest effort at work. And say to yourself: "That's it, I can't take it anymore, there is no strength."

This can happen: in adolescence, adulthood, or old age. It is urgently required to restore strength and return energy to the body so that the disturbed balance regains its original position. The main thing is to catch the beginning of this period and make it as short as possible. Otherwise, the process may drag on and turn into more.

Where to start, you ask? It is very simple, you need to make an analysis of the events that have occurred over the last period of time. What problem is bothering you? Perhaps there was a situation that left unpleasant sensations. And you cannot forget about it. To know how to return vital energy, you need to imagine where it goes and how energy depletion appears.

It is important to remember that constant experiences, negative emotions deprive a person of strength, and positive ones restore them, although not immediately. Energy leakage can be external or internal. In the first case, you yourself give your energy to energy vampires, in the role of which there are specific people or all kinds of organizations. They take away your energy, causing negative emotions. In this case, you voluntarily share your vitality.

As for the internal leakage of energy, it can be caused by internal resentment, mental trauma, or subconscious negative programs that exhaust you and make you feel tired. To begin with, let's get acquainted with the types of fatigue, in which a precious life resource is consumed:

What energy is spent on? If resources are leaking, then the integrity of the power system has been compromised. This can manifest itself at four levels.

On the physical Unconscious copying of the behavior of someone who is next to you and consumes your inner resources (is a "vampire"). Uncontrolled muscle clamping, blocking. Chronic diseases, ailments, accompanied by incessant pain. Energy-consuming positions (stoop, bodily relaxedness).

Spiritual fatigue The expenditure of energy and vitality in a person can occur unconsciously and consciously.

If a person: performs uninteresting tasks or unpleasant duties for other employees; plunges deeply into negative deeds; solves other people's problems, or takes part in the delicate situations of his relatives; communicates with people (sick, elderly) who mainly talk about their sores; rhythmically receives negative information from communication with a friend, from the Internet and the media; for a long time does not go out into the fresh air, closing in the apartment; cannot rejoice and see the delights of life. Shallow breathing (exhalation is shorter than inhalation). Spiritual fatigue at the energy level develops into a negative unpleasant state, lowers vitality. Being in such a rhythm of life is contraindicated for a sane person. Therefore, it is urgent to take care of your energy.

Intellectual fatigue. The activity of the mind can be depleted in the same way as other types of fatigue. This can be seen when a person's thoughts are chaotic or destructive.

Especially quickly a person is deprived of vital energy when, during a conversation, the subject: moves away from the real world, lives in his kingdom. Detachment from reality, immersion in dreams. constant repetition of unpleasant memories or people; rethinking those situations that cannot be changed. Failure to timely get rid of grievances and negative phenomena; living like a hermit leads to an impetuous and wasteful process of life force and life energy. Self-digging, self-flagellation and self-criticism. Useless contemplation of past events or worries about the future. Unfinished, pending tasks. Staying outside your zone of influence: talking about the weather, economics, politics.

Emotional Every person has feelings and emotions. Thought energy is of no small importance. It directs the subject in a certain direction depending on the emotion. With negative emotions, there is a constant waste of vital energy and vitality, if there are: drug addiction, conflicts, unhealthy attachment to things, to the environment; conflicting desires and goals; negative from relatives and friends; problems in the family, with parents, with children, anxiety and anxiety for loved ones; insomnia, nightmares, sleep disorders associated with experiences and bad thoughts; the presence in a person of signs of aggression, anger, despondency, pessimism, melancholy, anger; feelings of duty and guilt; emotional complexes, trauma; one-sided love. Emotional fatigue affects a person to a greater extent, drives him into a corner. But this problem can be solved in a timely manner if you work on yourself for a long time and intensely and you have a desire to restore strength and energy.


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