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It is unlikely that today you can meet a person who, at least once in his life, has not asked the question of what “esotericism” means, because this word is often heard from TV screens or on the radio. In fact, it is a complex and multi-layered system of various teachings and numerous practices.Astrology, which tells about horoscopes and the influence of the planets, also belongs to one of the esoteric sciences.

About esotericism, mystical initiations, see here each of us is given incredible hidden abilities. By developing them, you can feel confident in any conditions. Usually, not finding a way out with the help of official knowledge, people switch to esoteric means. Often these techniques are not really explainable and not very clear, but they are working tools for achieving goals.

Basically, only dedicated people possessed these skills. And the origins go back to the distant past. Since ancient times, people have been interested in secret knowledge. In ancient Greece, philosophers, scientists knew that which is not subject to human feelings. Aristotle taught his chosen young men the secrets of the universe. The outstanding minds of their time devoted their works to the mysteries of the Universe: Paracelsus, Nostradamus, D. Bruno, Cagliostro, and in our time E. Blavatskaya, K. Castaneda and many others. All of them were famous scientists, philosophers, doctors, writers and bearers of esoteric knowledge. Their invaluable research is addressed to people striving for perfection, capable of gaining spiritual knowledge.

Probably many have heard the word esotericism, but not everyone understands the true meaning of this concept to the end. There is no single textbook of esotericism. Even the wisest inhabitant of the Earth will not dare to “embrace the immensity” and write such a book.

What is the meaning of esotericism?

In simple words, "esotericism" (from the Greek. "Internal") is a science that primarily studies and applies in practice spiritual laws. Esotericism is a tool that makes it possible to heal (recover in soul and body). In simple words, esotericism is a teaching about human inner nature and everything that relates to the inner transformation of a person.

The system of natural healing bioenergetics, qigong, magic , theosophy, the practice of lucid dreams and projections into the subtle planes, as well as many other things that allow a person to reveal and develop their incredible inner abilities - all this can be called esotericism.

The one who is endowed with secret knowledge and lives according to cosmic laws helps not only himself, but also his family, humanity as a whole. He gets unlimited opportunities for development. However, spiritual forces cannot be directed to the conquest of power, conspiracies, wars and revolutions.

Human life is full of hardships, diseases, misfortunes. We are used to accepting bad luck as a necessary evil. And suddenly it turns out that unhappiness is not at all an obligatory attribute of life, but a consequence of mistakes made. One has only to get rid of vices, bad habits, stop blaming fate, relatives and start improving oneself, and everything will change. Esotericism is what gives a person hope, opens up opportunities and abilities. In addition, everything unknown, mysterious captivates and excites the imagination.

True, not everyone can touch esoteric knowledge - this is for those who doubt and are not confident in themselves, in their own strengths and believe that esotericism is the fairy tales of the Vienna Woods (but still, out of curiosity, I will try)

The reasons why we strive to find out what esotericism means can be very different:

The paths to any knowledge can be different. They can begin with some events, accidentally heard phrases, meetings with interesting people, just some accidents. But one thing is for sure, this science comes into human life only when it is needed.

Some turn to esotericism because they want to get unprecedented sensations. If it becomes boring from everyday life, the world loses its bright colors, and communication with others does not bring satisfaction and joy. And having learned what esotericism means, turning to it, you can again paint your life with bright colors, see reality in a new light, and believe in miracles.

Others seek knowledge that will help cure serious illnesses when medications cease to help, and traditional medicine signifies its impotence. And we are talking not only about physical ailments, but also about psychological states, constant dissatisfaction, depression, inability to achieve goals, lack of energy and desires to do something and to strive for something. Such people turn to esotericism, being in despair. And then we, as well as various rituals and practices, help to recover.


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