How to prepare yourself and space for the energies of the New Year!

You can work a lot to raise your vibrations, pump up energy, heal trauma and root out limiting beliefs, but if you return home and dive into negativity, all the work goes down the drain.

Negativity is the relationship with loved ones and the state of the living space. It can be difficult to influence a family, it takes time, but everyone can cleanse their own living space of negativity. From this article, you will learn: how to cleanse the surrounding space, how to protect yourself and your home from negativity.

Clearing space It doesn't matter if this is your home or rental housing. For a anyone, the surrounding space is an extension of the body. Signs that it's time to start cleaning up your territory:

● It's hard to be here emotionally.

● You don't feel secure. ● Houseplants grow poorly. ● The family is often sick.

● Feeling of heaviness in the living space.

● Things get lost at home all the time.

● Frequent quarrels, resentments, showdown.

● You recently moved here.

● The room has unpleasant odors, stale air, it is hard to breathe.

● Regular breakdowns of furniture and household appliances.

● You get tired at home.

Do you find these potential signs at home? How often do you feel this way? These sensations may indicate that energy is stagnant in your home, there is no movement in it. So it's time to put things in order! Moreover, before the New Year, it is relevant.

Look at the lunar calendar when the waning moon begins. This is the ideal time to cleanse yourself and space, to get rid of everything unnecessary: interfering qualities, bad habits.

There are two types of space purification: physical and energetic. And it is carried out exactly in this sequence. There is no other way. You can sage the house for an infinitely long time and burn candles, but if there is rubbish, mess, broken things around, there will be no sense.

Physical cleansing