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1. Meditation

First is the state of meditation.

I'm not talking about guided meditations, but who allows himself to sit quietly for at least 10 minutes in the morning , look into what is happening inside you, and only then act?

In a meditative state, the frequency of the brain slows down, we vibrate differently, and it is then that the "up" channel opens .

Honestly, I don't have time for this every day, I do it when I am intensively conducting webinars, or when I feel that I am tired and I need to quickly get back inside myself.

Dedicating 10 minutes a day to meditation is a big leap. Even just listening to some beautiful music, sitting with your eyes closed, directing your gaze inward - that's enough.

2. Joy

Second, joy.

Only you know what gives you joy and pleasure when you "explode" with anticipation.

I hope each of you already have a clear understanding, without this it is difficult to move forward. Many people know what they don’t want and what they don’t like, but what, in contrast, they don't know.

Any thing, any action, any activity that gives you joy - the more often you do it, the higher your vibration.

3. Positive changes

Any positive changes.

Why do I say over and over again - keep journals, keep diaries of success, write down what is positive about you?

Because there is a lot of negativity around, wherever you live, unless it is a closed community, there will be negativity. People are discussing the government, people are worried about money, something is always happening, your relatives are constantly doing it.

But you need to see positive changes within yourself , to see the results - so I did it, this result has come, great, it works.

Next time I will know for sure that if I want to change something else, to direct my attention somewhere else, I have all the strengths, abilities, opportunities for this, they are at my disposal.

4. Music

Another instrument is music.

Each of you has music that opens the Soul , as if everything is turned inside out.

There is meditative music, there is music that gives drive, and there is music that makes the Soul turn inside out and opens up.

Get yourself a collection of music so that - if something happened, you could turn on the desired melody and enter a certain state.

This is how I usually go in the subway in Moscow. I just turn on melodies that "pull" me out of the negatively saturated environment, do not allow me to be drawn into the negative.

And then you look at the world as through some kind of haze , on the one hand, you see everything that is happening, and on the other hand, you seem to be “not here” at all.

Thus, we break away a little from the "matrix" world and pass into a completely different state.

5. Nature

When was the last time you were in nature?

You should not neglect the connection with Mother Earth , it must be constantly maintained.

The chirping of birds, floating clouds, the sound of the wind - in itself, brings you into a meditative state.

At this moment, you and I are in tune with something eternal , with something greater, with something that contributes to harmonization and self-complacency.

The best tool is to move yourself to a higher frequency.

Nature never loses its connection with the earth, for without the earth there will be no nature.

6. People with higher vibrations

Books, videos, some materials, seminars and conferences of those people who inspire you, those who are above you on a vibrational level, also help you to raise your own vibration.

This is when you connect with the vibrations of these people, and it sustains you.

There are people who generate and then broadcast their own frequency.

These are not necessarily some kind of "gurus", I am sure that there are such women around you - they seem to have harmony and unconditional Love inside them, for everyone, absolutely.

Most often these are emotionalists, they feel everything so clearly that when you are in their field, it is as if you are “washed” with peace, love, joy, some kind of tenderness.

If you regularly communicate with such people, your own state will also stabilize, because at this moment there is less negativity, less annoying emotions are experienced, and the vibrations are restored and attuned.

7. Water

Everyone knows that water purifies, has always purified and will purify.

I remember when the Soviet Union collapsed, books on bioenergy healing appeared, and it was described there that in order to throw off all the negativity, the remnants of some unnecessary energy, you can just wash your hands.

Or, during a conflict, just go out, wet your hands, release all this under water, plus - grounding is established.

especially in summer, do not forget to splash in the water, or take a bath more often - running water really cleans.

8. Radiation of love and kindness

The next tool for increasing vibrations is the radiation of love and kindness.

You know yourself when you find yourself in the field of people who look at you and see not your problems, not your shortcomings, some specks, pimples that they do not like, do not focus on your problems, but simply broadcast a state from themselves unconditional Love and kindness - life changes.

And vice versa, when you find yourself in a place (for example, hospitals, banks, a church) where there are many people who are mired in their problems and who are happy to discuss them, "savor" them, share everything that is sore with everyone "generously", you instantly you feel empty and tired .

When you talk to a person about what problems they are worried about, you direct your attention to this problem, and it becomes stronger.

When you radiate from the inside out the field of Love, the field of kindness, support and understanding - and then all the brightest in a person intensifies, and the negative that was, the obsession with problems dissipates a little.


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